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Colorado Indigent Care Program

The Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) offers low cost medical services to Coloradans with a low income, offered by participating providers. Though CICP is not a health insurance program, it can hekp you get medical care for a reduced price. Individuals who have no insurance or limited coverage, and income up to 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) may be eligible for services through CICP. The program is administered by the Department of Health Care and Policy Financing (HCPF), funded by federal and state funds, and pays providers who offer such services at various hospitals and clinics throughout the state.

CICP costs vary based on a member’s income level, and copayments are determined by a rating process that occurs once a year.


In order to qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and live in Colorado or be a migrant farm worker. You must also be age 18 or older, and not qualify for Medicaid or CHP+. If you have Medicare, you are welcome to apply, as well as those who are on the waiting list for Medicaid. You must meet the income guidelines of less than or equal to 250 percent of FPL based on the size of your household.

Income Guidelines

Family of 1: $2,327 monthly, $27,925 yearly

Family of 2: $3,152 monthly, $37,825 yearly

Family of 3: $3,977 monthly, $47,725 yearly

Family of 4: $4,802 monthly, $57,625 yearly

Family of 5: $5,627 monthly, $67,525 yearly

Family of 6: $6,452 monthly, $77,425 yearly

For each additional family member, add $825 per month.


Covered Services

The CICP covers different services based on the clinic or hospital where you receive care. Discounted medical services are only available at participating providers, who will determine whether a service is medically necessary or not. Each CICP provider covers emergency care, however, according to the details of the program. A large number of centers will cover urgent care, inpatient hospital care, primary care, and certain prescriptions.


How to Apply

Applications for CICP can be obtained at any participating provider. You must meet with an eligibility technician in order to determine if you qualify, and provide certain documentation to fill out your application. Locate a participating provider near you at Colorado.gov/hcpf.



Colorado Indigent Care Program

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