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United Health One – Colorado

UnitedHealthOne is the individual and family plan from UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurer in the nation. Not only does UnitedHealth insure more people than any other carrier, they cover the 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies with group plans. UnitedHealthcare owns Golden Rule Insurance Company, which administers and underwrites the health insurance plans for UnitedHealthOne. Golden Rule has sold individual and family coverage for more than 65 years, and is rated highly with the industry’s top organizations for assessing financial strength.

As a member of a UnitedHealthcare plan, you have access to a national network of 704,966 providers, 5,580 hospitals, and 80,000 dentists throughout the country. In Colorado, UnitedHealthOne offers the same set of plans they do everywhere else in the country. This is not to say that homogeneity is bad in this case, as their copay plans certainly provide a great level of coverage and obviously their network is huge. Individual policyholders also have the option of several different supplemental benefits, including dental and vision in Colorado.



UnitedHealthOne Plans in Colorado


Copay Select Plans

Including the most coverage of any UnitedHealthOne plan, Copay plans cover office visits and generic prescriptions for a reasonable, flat rate. Choose the coinsurance and deductible options that fit your budget, and receive 70, 80 or 100 percent coverage after deductible. Brand name prescriptions are also included with an additional deductible, and many hospital and major medical services are covered for a low cost with in-network providers. Premiums are higher with Copay plans, which reduces your out-of-pocket costs greatly.


High Deductible Plans

For those who want access to a large network and don’t especially need much healthcare, these plans offer a low monthly premium and a variety of coverage options. Before you reach the deductible, you pay out-of-pocket for all covered services (with an in-network discount) except for free preventive care. Plan 100 and Plan 80 cover most services, including prescriptions and office visits, though Saver 80 plans are more along the lines of bare-bones coverage.


Health Savings Account Plans

HSA 100 and HSA 70 plans offer HSA-compatible high deductible coverage for individuals and families that provides you the ability to open a spending account that works with your plan. Designed specifically for use with medical services, HSA funds are tax-free to withdraw and are also tax-deductible. These plans cover preventive care at no cost, and once your deductible is met, you receive all the care you need for 30 percent coinsurance or covered in full.


UnitedHealthOne Colorado Brochure


If you’re curious about rates and plans offered in your area, get a free, instant Colorado health insurance quote. To find out more about UnitedHealthOne plans and your other coverage options, call a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.