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Rocky Mountain Health Plans

As a nonprofit, independent health insurance company, Rocky Mountain Health Plans provides some of the best health insurance in Colorado at the lowest rates. Selling coverage for more than 35 years, RMHP is the only insurer with products in every market, including employers and individuals seeking private coverage, and public health plan members of Colorado Medicaid, Medicare, and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). RMHP currently insures over 200,000 members statewide, and serve the medical needs of nearly 190,000 people through charitable contributions and the Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation. The company has received several awards from Colorado companies, including United Way of Mesa County, and the Wellness Council of America for their community involvement and emphasis on health among workers.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers a variety of comprehensive health plans for individuals and families in Colorado. Whether you’re between jobs, recently graduated, or do not have health insurance through Medicare, the SOLO Health Plans offer the most popular benefits and deductible levels to fit your lifestyle and individual health insurance needs. Rocky Mountain Health Plans has one of Colorado’s largest and diverse networks, comprised of nearly 12,000 health care professionals and more than 100 hospitals, and the benefit of a PPO plan free of provider referrals. Despite the singular title, SOLO plans are offered to individuals, families, and couples, and provide some of the best rates in many areas throughout Colorado. Individual plans are also available with an optional accident rider for those who frequent the Rocky Mountains.



Rocky Mountain Health Plans


SOLO Individual & Family Plans


SOLO Outlook PPO

Offering comprehensive health care coverage that pays for essential services, these plans include upfront benefits for lower cost sharing. Outlook plans provide total coverage – including preventive exams and screenings for free, and unlimited office visits for a predictable copay – all without having to first meet the plan’s deductible. Select your deductible level and one of four different prescription drug options to tailor the plan to fit your health care coverage needs. After deductible, these plans cover 70, 75, or 80 percent of your major medical care.

SOLO Outlook PPO Benefits



SOLO HSA health plans allow you to contribute to a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA), so you can confidently budget for medical expenses. Choose from one of three deductible levels. Benefits are covered in full, including prescription drugs, after meeting the deductible. Preventive exams and screenings are fully covered without having to first meet the plan’s deductible. An HSA is a good choice for those who want to fund and account for protection both now and in the future.

SOLO HSA Benefits


Compare Rocky Mountain Health Plans rates and benefits to other carriers near you with an instant health insurance quote. Call us for more information about your plan options and an even more accurate estimate of your premiums at 888 803 5917.