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Kaiser Permanente – Colorado

Kaiser Permanente offers some of the most comprehensive Colorado health insurance plans.  To be sure, they are not always the most affordable, but if compared on a basis of benefit vs. premium dollar they will come out near the top each time. As a non profit health insurer, their plans have a distinct advantage over the competition from nearly every perspective.

Kaiser Permanente is an HMO, and once of the best insurers in the nation and in Colorado. In 2012, the Kaiser Permanente Colorado plan was ranked the #6 best private health insurance plan by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). J.D. Power and Associates also found through their Member Health Plan Study that Kaiser in Colorado, among other states, received a favorable response from most of its members. This makes Kaiser Permanente the top rated plan in the state – even as an HMO, which many people have grown to dislike compared to PPOs. This HMO shows our country that you can stay within one network and still receive everything you need, and save more money on top of it.


Kaiser Permanente Colorado


The company’s history dates back to the early 20th century, as one of the first prepaid hospital plans for laborers and workers during the Great Depression and beyond. By the mid 1940s, Kaiser Permanente decided to release its health plans to the public, and thus began the first HMO. They currently insure 8.7 million members, and have a network of over 13,500 physicians, 430 hospitals, and 35 medical centers across the country. They primarily serve individuals and families in metropolitan areas of the states where they sell plans, and their group coverage is offered to a wider customer base. In Colorado, they offer individual plans in Denver and Boulder, and Colorado Springs is covered by their group plans.

Kaiser Permanente Plans in Colorado


Deductible Plans

Choose the deductible that best fits your needs and receive immediate coverage on physician services, specialty care, emergency room visits, and many more for a copay. Guaranteed to offer more services initially than any PPO in your area, these plans cover remaining benefits at 70 percent, regardless of the deductible you select. If you want as much security in your health plan as possible with the knowledge of your plan’s costs in advance, these are the best choice. Though premiums are higher due to the inclusiveness of the plans, it is very much worth the cost if you need the care.

Kaiser Permanente CO Deductible Brochure



HSA-Qualified Deductible Plans

While you may not receive upfront coverage with an HSA plan from Kaiser, these plans offer a different advantage. Connect your plan with a health savings account and withdraw funds for medical use tax-free. Your plan pays 100 percent of the cost for most services once your deductible is met, making it convenient to get care. These plans cover a wide range of services, including emergency care, maternity, prescriptions, therapy, hospital care, and office visits. Stay on top of your health with free preventive care and wellness programs while you reach your deductible.

Kaiser Permanente CO HSA Brochure


Contact a knowledgeable agent for more details on Kaiser Permanente in Colorado, or to discuss your health insurance options. Get a quote to view rates in your area.