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Humana One – Colorado

Humana One offers quite a few health insurance plan choices in Colorado and the highlight is the Enhanced Copay plan, which is the most popular plan and simplest to understand.  The other plans include the HSA plan which has some Health Savings Account plan options, and some higher deductible options which do not include office visit or prescription coverage before the deductible. They also offer a catastrophic health insurance plan, Value 100, which has your choice of high deductibles and is for those that need a bare bones medical plan with a very inexpensive premium.



Humana One Plans in Colorado


Copay Plans

The Copay Plan comes in range of deductible options (from $1,000 – $5,000) and has the option of 20 or 30 percent coinsurance. There is a $500 name brand name drug deductible, but generics are covered with a copay from day one of the policy. Enhanced Copay plans give members unlimited access to primary care doctors and specialists for a copay not subject to the deductible, while a more budget-conscious buyer can choose Copay 80 with 6 covered visits, or Copay 70 with 3 covered visits. Each plan offers a broad range of hospital and physician services, covered at 80 or 70 percent after deductible.

Humana Colorado Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Colorado Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Colorado Copay 70 Benefits


Value 100 Plans

A basic, “bare-bones” policy, the Value 100 plan offers a range of deductibles to meet any budget with a low premium. These plans are ideal for those who want coverage for major medical costs, like emergency and hospital care, while being able to access preventive services to maintain their good health. Offering prescription coverage with generics and brand names included in the deductible, members receive 100 percent coverage on other select benefits after it has been met.

Humana Colorado Value 100 Benefits


Health Savings Account Plans

With deductibles ranging from $1,000 to $5,950, members have the ability to receive all medical services for free once the deductible is met. Choose a plan with a lower premium and more limited benefits with HSA 100 plans, as they cover most every service with the exception of prescriptions, or get everything covered with the Enhanced HSA. These plans give members the option of opening a health savings account to use with their plan, adding up tax-advantaged dollars to fund their medical costs.

Humana Colorado Enhanced HSA 100 Benefits

Humana Colorado HSA 100 Benefits


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