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Pueblo Health Insurance

Pueblo, Colorado is full of history and the arts, and has even gained national recognition on National Public Radio with their local college station’s Western Skies program. Known for steel production, cultural diversity, and creating some beautiful, locally grown culinary delights, Pueblo is a liveable, mid-sized community. Also considered the economic hub of southeastern Colorado, Pueblo is currently in the midst of a huge project to expand tourism. Offering a great number of activities and events, Pueblo is an inviting, community-oriented town.

As it is out of the way of the major cities like Denver, Pueblo’s health insurance market is slightly different. With one carrier out of the picture (Kaiser Permanente), there is one less option for affordable coverage. However, there are some other great plans available from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Cigna, Humana, and UnitedHealthOne. Celtic also offers PPO plans to Pueblo residents, though we typically would not recommend them, as it is a limited plan for a comparable price to any of the more benefit-rich plans.

The Pueblo market is still fairly pricey, like the rest of the state, with a young, healthy applicant looking to spend over $200 per month on a worthwhile plan. However, it is more helpful to get a plan with everything you need rather than skimp on the benefits for a lower cost. No matter what you are able to afford, public or private coverage, it is most important to have some sort of health insurance to stay healthy and illness-free. Our agents have experience studying Colorado health insurance and are able to guide you through any questions regarding plans, rates, eligibility, or otherwise. Call us for a free personal consultation at 888 803 5917.



Pueblo Sample Health Insurance Quote

To offer some direction and a visual example to all of the creatively minded Pueblo residents, we ran a sample quotes to get an idea of the best health plans. Applying for imaginary coverage is a 30-year-old female resident of Pueblo, who is a non-smoker and in good health. Here, we find that she can obtain the best insurance option for a minimum of $221 per month from Anthem Blue Cross. Though everyone’s opinion of “best” insurance plan will vary, our standards for this title include as close as possible to a deductible of $2500, 20 percent coinsurance, and unlimited doctor’s office visits.

Health plans are not quite as neck-in-neck with pricing as other Colorado cities, which leaves the Anthem plan far ahead of the competition, with access to plenty of benefits and a huge nationwide network. Regional carrier Rocky Mountain Health Plan is a very close second at $236 per month, as their nearest plan to our preferred criteria has a $1500 deductible with 20 percent coinsurance. These two would be our top picks for anyone, male or female, in this age group.

As the carriers progress over $250 per month, the coverage is honestly not worth paying that amount. Someone who is healthy should not have to throw $350 (thanks, Humana) of their monthly income away on a health plan that is identical to one for over $100 less. However, if for some reason you are not approved by the first two insurers, it is possible to consider Cigna for $253, as their round-numbered plan offers $20 office visits and has a high level of customer satisfaction.

For the most accurate depiction of a health plan for your age, family size, and health, run your own Pueblo health insurance quote. If you have any questions as to which plans to choose, consider your budget, your health needs, and if you still need clarification, let us know how we can help.