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Lakewood Health Insurance

Lakewood, Colorado boasts a population of almost 140,000 Colorado residents.  Lakewood also boasts a great selection of health insurance companies from Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Health One, and Kaiser Permanente. If I told you the total amount of available health insurance plans in Lakewood, you would get pretty intimidated, but never fear, East Coast Health Insurance is here to unwind the wild amount of plans to choose from for you.

Lakewood Sample Health Insurance Quote

Below is a sample Lakewood health insurance quote for a 34-year-old male in the zip code 80401.  If you run your own Lakewood health insurance quote, you will quickly find that you and/or your family (unless you are a 34-year-old male) will look entirely different.

However for the sake of comparison, the chart below will give you a good starting point. I made sure to be fair to all Lakewood companies by using either a $2500 deductible or a $5000 out of pocket maximum. Some plans might have a lower deductible, but then their coinsurance will equal $5,000.  Remember out of pocket maximum usually equals your deductible plus your coinsurance or copayment (in the case of Kaiser Permanente) maximum. All plans include office visit copayments and prescription copayments from day 1 of the plan as that is the most common plan type that people request.

Evidently, Rocky Mountain Health Plan is the clear winner, as they are the only plan of this caliber for under $200. For $166 per month, the Solo Outlook should accomplish all your coverage needs, with an out-of-pocket maximum of $3000 after deductible. The next best option is a great leap to $242 per month from Anthem, and while their coinsurance is 5 percent higher, they cover all levels of prescriptions and maternity care.

Cigna is next in line at $246, and their plan is quite ordinary and matches Humana and United Health One almost exactly. If they come out affordable in your demographic, then by all means go for it.

But my true favorite is the HMO from Kaiser Permanente, which offers emergency room copayments and diagnostic copays before the deductible.  If you are willing to deal with an HMO network, then Kaiser would be my choice.

Finally, if you are an older Lakewood health insurance shopper, then Aetna and their AARP plans would be an amazing choice as they are pretty lax with their underwriting requirements.  Call us at 888 803 5917 for more information about our picks for your demographic in the Lakewood medical insurance plan market.