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Greeley Health Insurance

The city of Greeley, Colorado is filled with opportunities to experience the great outdoors, engage in a healthy lifestyle, and also be entertained. Like almost every town in Colorado, the environment is a high priority for Greeley residents, and has earned the Tree City USA title for its love of planting and preserving. A quintessential mountain community, Greeley has a university, a farmer’s market, plenty of year-round events, as well as several historical and cultural museums. It is a perfect dwelling spot for the nature-lovers who like being removed from the city, but close enough to visit on occasion.

Though health insurance is offered through a number of companies, there are still 688,000 Colorado residents without insurance. Among Greeley’s population of over 94,000 individuals, odds are that a few thousand have no health care coverage. While we are still in the stages of non-federally mandated coverage, it is equally as important to obtain some sort of insurance whether or not it is law enforced. If you are unable to afford a sufficient health plan, please look into your state’s public assistance programs and free clinics.

Greeley health insurance varies from its closest big-city neighbor, Denver. Available carriers include Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rocky Mountain Health Plan, UnitedHealthOne, Humana, and Celtic. Each of these companies offers PPO and HSA options for prices that stay relative to one another, making more difficult to choose a plan in certain cases. The important part is ultimately choosing a plan that works well for you and is within your price range. If you need any help deciding between carriers or health plans, call one of our agents for expert guidance and education at 888 803 5917.



Greeley Sample Health Insurance Quote

A sample quote was run for a 28-year-old Greeley resident to offer a more concrete idea of the current health insurance market. As 26 is now the age when young adults are thrust into the health insurance world on their own, it would behoove them to do a bit of research for their own plans before their dependent coverage runs dry. Colorado is considerate of their female residents, at least in regards to health insurance, by not requiring them to pay more for coverage like so many other states. In other words, this quote should be relevant to anyone (male or female) who is in their late 20s – mid 30s, healthy, not smoking, and living in Greeley. The main point, however, is to illustrate the difference between carriers and their health plans, as it varies across the state.

According to our quote for this age group, Greeley residents will benefit most from their local Colorado company Rocky Mountain Health Plan, offering coverage for $168 per month. Unlike other cities, the Solo Outlook plan is available in Greeley with a $2000 deductible, 20 percent coinsurance, and unlimited office visits. These are the main components we look for in a reasonably priced health plan. The next best choice is a massive price increase to $250 per month from Cigna, with the same exact properties. National insurers are not providing Greeley residents with as much of a deal as Rocky Mountain, with UnitedHealthOne asking $262 from young, healthy Greeleyites.

While coverage remains extremely similar, plans escalate in cost up to $292 per month, with Anthem contributing the highest premium. This is somewhat surprising, as Premier Plus 2500 is typically the least expensive plan in other Colorado cities. If savings is what you are aiming for, we would suggest supporting your regional carrier, or buying the Cigna Open Access plan if for some reason your Rocky Mountain application doesn’t pan out.

Every person’s quote is likely to be different from the next, so it is necessary to get a personalized quote for full accuracy. Keep in mind that if you have had any medical problems, pre-existing conditions, or take any special medications on a regular basis, your eligibility and rates will differ from those listed on the online quote. For more information on specific health needs and your ability to apply for health insurance, contact us or at 888 803 5917.




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