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Denver Health Insurance


East Coast Health Insurance offers a complete online Denver health insurance quote for you and your family.  By clicking on our quote button above you will be able to see instant Colorado health insurance quotes from every major, reputable company that is approved by East Coast Health Insurance.

Denver Health Insurance Companies

In Denver which boasts a population of nearly 600,000, there are 6 main health insurance companies including affordable health insurance plans from Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Cigna, Humana One, Kaiser Permanente, and United Health One.

If you are unable to find a health insurance plan here then chances are that we might be able to qualify for you a free health insurance plan with one of the Denver Public Health Programs or even a Federal plan like Medicaid.  We will make sure that you find suitable coverage somehow regardless of the financial implications for us.

Sample Denver Health Insurance Quote

Ok, so I just ran a sample Denver health quote for a 34 year old male in the zip code 80211.  The market as you can see is extremely cut throat and competitive, but really quickly Blue Cross Blue Shield is the price leader at $233, unless you opt for a lower deductible and go local with Rocky Mountain Health Plans for $150. However, you will pay higher coinsurance after deductible with the Rocky Mountain plan at 30 percent, compared to Anthem’s 20 percent.

Humana One and United Health One are pretty much interchangeable, but I would prefer Cigna to both health insurance companies for a few extra dollars.  Remember for your family or even you the quote will vary significantly unless you are a 34 year old male.  I also love Kaiser Permanente which is an excellent HMO and covers everything virtually from the first day of the policy.  Emergency room visit?  No problem, Kaiser will cover it for $150 with no deductible, no other company can make that same boast in Colorado. Though their coinsurance is slightly higher than our other plans in the same range, most services are offered for a copay, which makes $208 per month a very wise choice.

AARP offers great health insurance products but are not always that competitive. However they are particularly appealing if you have a pre existing medical condition or are over 55 years old. But again, the best way to shop Denver health insurance is to get your own custom Denver health insurance quote.