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Colorado Springs Health Insurance

Colorado Springs offers a terrific choice for individual health insurance shoppers.  There is no shortage of options when shopping Colorado health insurance quotes.  East Coast Health Insurance carries all reputable Colorado health insurance companies including Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, and United Health One.

Due to their lenient underwriting Aetna had quite a large increase in premiums a few years ago, but in Colorado Springs their plans offer not only the best value but also the best coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado also excelled in this demographic and they have quite a large plan selection.  However, don’t get intimidated when running your own Colorado health insurance quote, East Coast Health Insurance is proud to be able to help you find the most affordable health plan for your demographic, and we will explain to you the ins and outs of every plan in Colorado if we have to.  And Colorado Springs has nearly 200 plan choices from six health insurance companies.

United Health One offers the most expensive plan in Colorado Springs, which is unusual due to the fact that in most states they are among the most affordable.  In other part of Colorado including the Denver health insurance market they are often the most affordable.

Humana One is mildly affordable so to speak and offer a very vanilla PPO health insurance plan.  Their Autograph 5000 plan is very competitive, however and though it only has 6 office visit copays per year, (the rest go towards the deductible) the plan makes sense for people that are looking for stripped down, affordable health coverage.

Cigna like Humana is in the middle of the pack, and though their 5000 deductible plan might seem like a good idea (and I am not saying that it isn’t) remember that the coinsurance on that plan is $5000 which means that you could be out of pocket $10,000.  Humana One on the other hand, with their $5000 deductible only has an out of pocket of $7000, which means that the cost savings with Cigna must be substantial enough to overcome this.

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in the state of Colorado and there is no shortage of health insurance plans either.   A question that we are often asked is which health insurance company is the best.  And I am proud to answer that in Colorado Springs, Aetna offers the best plan for nearly every demographic.