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Boulder Health Insurance

Health insurance for individuals and families in Boulder can be slightly less costly than other areas of the state, though it depends greatly on the insurer. Residents of Boulder have access to a variety of national carriers, and one local health insurer, Rocky Mountain Health Plan. Other health plans include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Cigna, UnitedHealthOne, Humana, and Celtic, who offer PPO plans, and Kaiser Permanente, with several HMO options.

Though rates may shift based on your age and health status, there are a few factors, such as gender, removed from the price increase equation. Throughout the state of Colorado, the state has eliminated the requirement for women to pay more for health insurance, which still stands in many other regions of the country.



Sample Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote on both a male and female resident of Boulder who are 32 years old, and receiving the same options, it was evident that Colorado wants you to pay more for your healthy city, health plan equality, and your beautiful surroundings. While the reasoning behind a certain region’s health insurance costs are educated guesses, it seems you can find a plan for under $200 per month through Rocky Mountain Health Plan. Surely residents of Boulder already lean towards supporting local business, and Rocky Mountain is the closest you can get to a “local” health insurer who also sells reputable plans.

Another great choice is the HMO from Kaiser Permanente, which gives you access to multiple upfront benefits for $207 per month. Doctor’s office visits, emergency care, and prescriptions are all available for a copay with the Kaiser plan. The next recommendation for Boulder health plans would be from Anthem, as UnitedHealthOne provides a fairly run-of-the-mill comprehensive plan. If you have to save a few dollars, their PPO plans are acceptable and have 5 percent more coverage after deductible, but Anthem Blue Cross has a much larger network, better benefits, and access to all type of prescriptions. Chiropractic care and acupuncture are covered (though limited) through the Premier Plus option, which most plans do not offer.

Cigna also offers men and women a comprehensive PPO plan for the same monthly cost as Anthem. You can meet your deductible sooner and receive 80 percent coverage on most medical care afterwards, with a $20 copay for primary care physician visits. The Humana One plan is basically the same as UnitedHealthOne, and also the highest price. Celtic plans pale in comparison to the other available carriers, as they limit their best plan to two covered doctor’s office visits.

Based on age and other factors, Boulder quotes will vary. For example, the most affordable health plan for a 57-year-old resident will cost $407 per month from Rocky Mountain Health Plan, for the same SOLO Outlook 1500 plan as below. Getting your own quote is the best way to find out how coverage will look for you and your family. Fill one out online or call one of our agents at 888 803 5917.




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