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Aurora Health Insurance

The Aurora health insurance market is not as competitive as say the Denver medical insurance market is, but there are still plenty of good choices, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Humana One, Aetna, and United Health Care.

As a veteran health insurance broker, I like to put myself into a particular market and run a health insurance quote on myself to see which plan I would choose in that particular area, so without further ado, my own Aurora health insurance quote is listed below, where I picked out a $2,500 deductible plan from each company with 80/20 coverage after the deductible so see which plan I would choose.

To be fair, I made sure each plan offered comprehensive office visit copayments before the deductible and prescription coverage. This is the most common type of plan in Colorado, and the one that I would choose in Aurora.


Aurora Sample Health Insurance Quote

Keep in mind that your own quote will be very different depending on the size of your family, and in fact, your size (height and weight). So, please run your own health insurance quote to see your outcome in Aurora.

The Rocky Mountain Health Plan SOLO Outlook 2500 came out the most affordable and with the most benefits for the PPO family. If this resident wanted the option of in- and out-of-network care, they should definitely consider this plan. Although Kaiser Permanente has higher coinsurance, for a lower rate than all of the other national carriers, they offer the absolute most benefits in Aurora. They are an HMO, however, and if you like to keep your provider options open, this may not be the plan for you, but it certainly worth a look for this demographic. As an HMO, they offer more services for a copay than any other plan listed here. Rocky Mountain is also great for the price, and offers plenty of coverage for a relatively low cost in this particular instance , and for most Colorado residents, for that matter.

Cigna’s Open Access plans are also a good choice, if you prefer a national carrier who offers a PPO plan over the first two. Since they started out in Colorado, they have become one of the most affordable and trusted plans in the state. Open Access 200 is very benefit-rich, and offers many in-network discounts. As you can see, however, most every plan is in the same price range from here on out, so if this is your demographic you have a few dollar difference between the brand name of your choice. Check out our Companies to decide which one fits you best, if this is what your Aurora quote ends up looking like.

If you are over 55, AARP health insurance plans in Colorado might make a strong choice for you and they are underwritten by Aetna which is by far the best and most reliable company in Colorado.  If Aetna is the most affordable plan for you, please do yourself a favor and go with Aetna. We have never had any issues with policy rescissions with Aetna, and they always pay claims.