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Arvada Health Insurance

Arvada, Colorado is a populous suburb of Denver, serving as a commuter town for Boulder, as well. While it may take the backseat to these larger cities in urban amenities, Arvada has its own character and charm, especially in historic Olde Town. The city’s economic source lies primarily in the two major Colorado cities nearby, but Arvada has a diverse, small-town local flavor that brings together those who can appreciate an independent brewery or restaurant, or feel like getting creative in a pottery studio. Like most of the state, Arvada also has some noteworthy parks and wildlife refuges.

With the most recent census being 107,541, and the statistic that 13 percent of the state’s population is uninsured this year, this means plenty of Arvada residents are still in need of a health plan. While some may not be able to afford a private plan, as Colorado tends to be a more costly state in the private health insurance market, public coverage is also available. Arvada residents who can manage to squeeze $200 or so out of their monthly budget for coverage have their choice of several trustworthy insurers.

Colorado health insurance in the Arvada region is served by Kaiser Permanente, Rocky Mountain Health Plan, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Cigna, Humana, Celtic, and UnitedHealthOne. Between these companies, each type of individual health plan is available, from the cost-effective HMO to the out-of-pocket fun of a Health Savings Account (HSA). PPO plans consume the majority of options, though the Kaiser Permanente HMOs are a dying breed, only offered in several states and sometimes considered undesirable as they limit your provider choices. However, in stressful economic times, an HMO is a great solution for savings. Consult an agent for more information on plan types and why each is so very special at 888 803 5917.


Arvada Sample Health Insurance Quote

Though Arvada is a mere 7 miles outside of the state capitol, the health insurance market is inconsistent with that of its neighbor, Denver. This is why it is so very pertinent we all do the research to find out what our local health insurance options are up to these days. Depending on the year, the carrier, and zip code, subtle variations occur that make each city its own special zone of health costs. To show the most recent (October 2012) rates for an Arvada resident applying for their own health plan, we ran a quote for a 32-year-old nonsmoking male and female in good health.

To arrive at the most sensible plans in Arvada, we took our options and narrowed down to a similar deductible and coinsurance range in order to compare carriers equally. The lowest premiums we found were similar to others in the state, with a Rocky Mountain Health Plan PPO for $175 per month, and Kaiser’s HMO plan for a little over $200. As the youthful ones are granted lower premiums, both men and women in this age rang are able to apply for the same plan at the same cost.

A few dollars per month later, the PPO battle begins with each remaining insurer as Anthem, Cigna, United, and Humana are all about the same price. The competition begins with Anthem and Cigna for $241 per month. Anthem’s plan offers a wide, high-quality network and Cigna shaves $10 off the office visit copay and 5 percent off the coinsurance. Which to choose? Anthem covers more benefits, for those who enjoy a professional back-cracker – 24 visits to the chiropractor are covered. However, if access to low-cost medications is a priority, Cigna may be a better option, as their pharmacy deductible is $200, compared to Anthem’s $500.

The remaining carriers will suffice if for some reason you are unable to obtain coverage from the less expensive, more comprehensive plans. Humana One and UnitedHealthOne both offer a similar set of benefits, for the same price. We always like to emphasize that everyone’s quote will be different from our example (unless you are in your late 20s – early 30s and tobacco-free) and it is a quick, painless process to get your own quote.




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