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This is our index page for our Colorado health insurance section on each major city and region in the Colorado health insurance market. Colorado is made up of only four main or major cities.

Denver Health Insurance

These include the Denver health insurance market, which is, as you would expect, the largest, and boasts a population of nearly 600,000 Colorado residents. There are a ton of plans available in Denver, as well as the entire Colorado market.

These plans are Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Humana One, Kaiser Permanente, United Health One, and the newer Cigna individual health plans.

Other Colorado Health Insurance Markets

Also included in our Colorado Health Insurance by City Section is the Colorado Springs health insurance market, with a population of 380,000, Aurora at 320,00, and Lakewood which is just shy of 150,000 residents.

We will include an in-depth study of each city’s health insurance plans and some sample quotes for a few different demographics.¬† East Coast Health Insurance also encourages everyone to run their own individual Colorado health insurance quote to see the exact breakdown for you and your family.

Our Aurora health insurance page covers the city of Aurora which has over 300,000 residents and is an important Colorado city.


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