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Health Net of California is one of the state’s largest health plans, with a network of over 50,000 physicians and 4,600 pharmacies. Over 2.3 million California residents have health insurance coverage from Health Net, which attests to the company’s great emphasis on the individual. Health Net of California plans are ideal for anyone who is looking for individual coverage, whether it be due to loss of group health insurance, sole proprietorship, or not being offered insurance through the workplace. Short-term policies are also available for those who have recently graduated, are waiting for employer-based insurance to start, or for any other reason need coverage between one day and six months.

Between their network size and plan options, Health Net is a great choice for California residents. They are highly focused on giving their plan members the choices they need for health care, and accommodating to their needs by connecting them with resources, information and doctors. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has awarded Health Net with “Excellent” accreditation status for their individual, group, and Medicare products. This gives an example of how Health Net meets strict criteria for helping its consumer base and constantly improve its standards. The company has seen many positive changes since their legal issues of the past decade. Health Net is often very well priced for many demographics.


Health Net California


Health Net Individual Plans in California

Individual plans from Health Net are designed to work for a variety of people, with ranging budgets and an array of benefits to suit any type of health care user. Californians get the widest selection of plans of any Health Net coverage area, due to the involvement of the California Farm Bureau introducing plans in 2012. Members of the CA Farm Bureau, which is open to all residents, get a combination of health and life insurance when they enroll for a CFB PPO plan through Health Net.

Other plan types offered for individuals and families in California include two types of HMO plans with a copay for all professional medical services, many PPOs to choose from, as well as HSA-compatible plans. HMO plans cover most preventive care at no cost, with the remainder of services for a $50 or $40 copayment. Other health care services are covered for the same copay or a percentage of coinsurance, but the main benefit of an HMO is instant access to discounted care. Though you are required to get a referral from your doctor for many services, there is no deductible to meet in order to receive care at the in-network rate.

PPOs and HSAs are available through both Health Net of California and CFB Health Net and they offer coverage on in-network and out-of-network services alike. In-network care is significantly less costly, with coverage ranging from a predictable copay to 100% after deductible.


Health Net of California PPO & CA Farm Bureau PPO Brochure

Health Net of California HMO Brochure