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Cigna – California


Cigna individual and family health insurance plans, offered through Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, provide coverage you and your family can count on, along with a broad range of options and 24/7 customer service. With a Commendable accreditation from the NCQA, Cigna’s commercial PPO, HMO, and POS products all meet industry standards for excellent providers, promoting wellness, and increasing access to care. The company insures millions of people across the world, and in California, individuals have access to both medical and dental benefits from Cigna.

Californians who enroll in Open Access or Health Savings plans have access to over 500,000 doctors and 8,000 hospitals and facilities throughout the United States—including thousands in California—with the Cigna Open Access Plus Network. However, if you want to use a health care professional who is not in the network, you can. Keep in mind that out-of-pocket costs vary, but your out-of-pocket costs are generally lower when you see in-network health care professionals. Cigna’s California network includes nearly 52,300 doctors and over 350 participating hospitals.



Cigna Individual Plans in California


Open Access Plans

An Open Access Plan may be your preference if you want extensive coverage and a good value, a flexible plan, and access to a broad national network. Choose an in-network health care professional, or receive care from a non-network provider. Members also have the option of choosing a Primary Care Physician as their personal doctor. With a Primary Care Physician, you have a valuable resource who acts as a personal health coach – though choosing one is not required. Covering office visits with a PCP or specialist before deductible, these plans offer 80 percent coverage on major medical care, with the exception of the $5000 plan.

Cigna California Open Access Brochure


Open Access Value Plans

Strongly resembling the standard Open Access plan, but with a few adjustments, the Open Access Value plan covers 70 percent after deductible and a select amount of office visits for a copay. These plans are ideal for those who want a lower premium, while being able to benefit from copay services. With the same access to a large network of providers and deductible variations as Open Access plans, these plans have higher cost sharing and out-of-pocket maximums.

Cigna California Open Access Value Brochure


Health Savings Plans

An economical plan, this set of high-deductible plans allows you to use a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA) to help pay for your current medical expenses or save for future medical expenses. A Health Savings plan may be a good fit if you want the ability to save money on a tax-advantaged basis to pay for medical expenses, and have a broad provider network at your fingertips. These plans cover preventive care in full from the day your plan starts to keep you healthy, and all other services are subject to the deductible.

Cigna California Health Savings Brochure


View personalized rates for all Cigna California plans in a free, instant health insurance quote, and compare other plans in your area. Call a licensed agent for a phone consultation at 888 803 5917 8AM – 8PM EST.