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Anthem Blue Cross of California

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association® currently insures over 100 million Americans today and its history dates back to the late 1920’s. Californians can boast that they have one of the most trusted health plans available to them. Anthem Blue Cross of California® is one of company’s flagship plans, dating back to 1937 and covering approximately 8.3 million Californians to date, making Anthem the #1 choice in California. Flexibility is key when addressing the different health insurance needs of its customers. Take for instance, the Tonik® plans, which successfully addresses the needs of California’s young and uninsured population. Aside from the Tonik® plans, Blue Cross of California product offerings include products in the individual, small group, large group, senior and Medi-Cal markets.

Innovation is the cornerstone to Anthem’s success. Blue Cross of California is one of the few insurance carriers who provide access to its members so that they may look at their personal health records online. By doing so, policyholders can track their health history with physicians. With over 52,000 contracted physicians in California and approximately 332 hospitals, Anthem Blue Cross of California large array of plans which include a number of health insurance options for individuals and families.


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Anthem Individual Plans in California


Premier Plus

The most benefits for a copay, these plans offer comprehensive coverage, the option of unlimited office visits, and a multitude of benefits.

Anthem California Premier Plus Brochure


SmartSense® Plus

Offering a mix between upfront benefits, several prescription options, and lower premiums, these plans provide great coverage with many deductibles and coinsurance options to fit your budget.

Anthem California SmartSense Plus Brochure


Clear ProtectionSM Plus and CoreGuardSM Plus

Gain access to a number of major medical and physician services, in-network discounts, and lower premiums. Plans include higher cost sharing and high deductibles, and cover 100 percent of most services after deductible.

Anthem California Clear Protection Plus & CoreGuard Plus Brochure


Lumenos® HSA Plus

These plans are high deductible PPOs compatible with a health savings account, with which you can save or use funds for medical expenses. With a range of coverage options, Lumenos HSA plans even offers a few benefits before your deductible has been met.

Anthem California Lumenos HSA Brochure



Available in several types, HMO coverage is offered through Saver, Select, and Individual HMO plans. HMO coverage is ideal for those who want access to more benefits for a predictable rate, and working with a PCP. Choose the plan that meets your needs, and get the most out of the Anthem HMO network with access to over 20,000 providers.


PPO Share

A traditional PPO, these plans cover unlimited office visits with copays, as well as benefits like maternity care. Also included are generic and brand name prescriptions, and a choice of three deductibles with 30 or zero coinsurance after deductible.



Aimed at younger Californians, Tonik plans cover 100 percent after deductible, and provide several upfront benefits including office visits, generic drugs, dental care, and vision exams.


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Anthem Blue Cross Plan Highlights

Anthem Mobile App (Official Web Site of Blue Cross of California)

A convenient app to locate physicians, hospitals and other in-network providers near you.

Blue View Vision Self-Service (Official Web Site of Blue Cross of California)

Those who have vision coverage through Anthem’s Blue View Vision plan have access to an online portal where they can manage their plan details, find a nearby doctor, and view claims.

360° Health (Official Web Site of Blue Cross of California)

An educational resource for healthy living, 360° Health provides information on every aspect of health care what you can do to maintain your health. Tap into the a wealth of information for health and wellness, from taking care of a medical condition to spending less on care.

Anthem Care Comparison

Comparison shop medical services before you receive them at various California facilities. Members can better plan what they will spend and what their plans will cover.

Provider Quality

Anthem gives their members the ability to background check their providers before they decide which doctor or hospital to visit. With information on medical groups, facilities, and physicians, members can learn more about how to choose the right provider.

Download Commonly Requested Forms

Access to claims forms, applications, and other common insurance paperwork is available for download through the Anthem website.


Select one of many pharmacy benefit options to pair with your plan, either for more savings each month or more savings on a greater number of prescriptions. Anthem also offers programs and services to help members manage costs even more effectively.

State Sponsored Plans (Official Web Site of Blue Cross of California)

Find out more about the various public health plans in California through Anthem Blue Cross, such as Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, MRMIP, AIM and CMSP.

Find a Doctor

An extensive provider locator tool that assists members with their provider decisions. Locate an in-network doctor, hospital, or medical professional in seconds and customize your search to get the best fit.

Future Moms

As a pregnant Anthem Blue Cross member, you can use a complimentary program for prenatal care and assistance up to 36 weeks gestation.

Multilingual Assistance

As diverse as the state is, Anthem Blue Cross of California understands at times health insurance language may not translate. They offer help to those who speak other languages to better grasp their coverage.