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In California there are a multitude of health insurance companies.  More health insurance companies than I even want to count in fact!  The best one?  Go check out our California health insurance review page for that, but a hint: Kaiser!

Most of the health insurance companies in California did rather poorly on the J.D. Power health insurance review in comparison to our health insurance states.  In fact, United Health One, which is called PacifiCare in California, did very poorly.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

The second health insurance company is Blue Cross Blue Shield, but in California they divided that up into two companies to confuse even more.  There is a California Blue Cross and a Blue Shield of California that compete with each other throughout the state.  Both do fairly well, but in the documentary Sicko, Michael Moore uncovered the fact that one of these companies is famous for rescissions (which they can no longer do, thanks to health reform)! For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield of California and other plans at 888 803 5917, and we can discuss the California health insurance plans until you faint of boredom.  In any case, at the end of the day, either company is fine if you are very careful in filling out your health insurance application.  Both companies both Blue Cross and Blue Shield did very well on the J.D. Power & Associates review.


Cigna of California is a new release into the individual market in California, and their health insurance product is very good in terms of pricing and very competitive in terms of benefits.  It is pretty vanilla, though, and covers the basics very well.  You won’t get a ton of bells and whistles on this health insurance plan including dental, vision, emergency room copay and so forth, but the network is strong and for a PPO you will not have many problems if you can survive the underwriting department.

Health Net

The worst performer in the J.D. Power health insurance review?  Health Net, which is a company that we offer at East Coast Health Insurance.  They do have a good product on paper and if it is the most affordable health insurance plan in your demographic than you should certainly consider it.  However, they are not that great!  They are not like Mega, or Midwest, or even Assurant health care.  But they are not that great.

Humana One

How about Humana One?  Much like Cigna, they are very vanilla, however, if their health insurance product is the most affordable in your California health insurance demographic you should certainly consider it.  Again, to run a health insurance quote in California (or anywhere else just visit our various health insurance quote buttons).


Finally, Aetna is awesome, I love it.  The problem with Aetna is their pricing has gotten to be a little crazy of late due to their lax underwriting.  They accept human beings at Aetna and these humans have medical claims.  Aetna pays these medical claims!  So, Aetna has higher rates.  If they are affordable in your demographic, then you should do more than consider them.  You might want to buy them.  If you are over 55 and a member of AARP, or even if you are not yet, you can join – Aetna handles the AARP plan in California health insurance and we sell it!  So please call us if you would like a rate quote for AARP in California.