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Stockton Health Insurance

Stockton, California is quite a large city, though its not even in the top ten largest California cities.  There are about eight health insurance companies in the Stockton health insurance market, and the reason I say about is that technically there are more than eight, but the other ones are not really competitive or exist solely to take advantage of you.

Based on current conditions in the Stockton individual health insurance market, I am recommending the Kaiser Permanente HMO plans by quite a bit as they are more affordable than any other plan sometimes by more than 25%.  You must be aware of the drawbacks of this plan, however, in Stockton, namely that it is an HMO and you will need referrals to see specialists and have most diagnostics.  In return for this extra work, though, Kaiser Permanente will cover all of these procedures with small copays as compared to the other Stockton health insurance companies, which will apply it to the deductible.

Recently, Aetna has also become very competitive again in Stockton and it is with great pleasure that I recommend their Managed Choice Open Access plans for anyone looking for more choice than Kaiser Permanente offers.  Similarly, Anthem Blue Cross is also very close in price to Aetna but both of them are about 20-30% more per month than Kaiser Permanente, though again they will afford you more choice and less hassle to get testing and see specialists.

As in most regions in California, AARP is probably the most expensive plan on first glance, however they become more attractive the more medical issues that you have. AARP is the least likely to give you large premium increases for having medical conditions (though it could be argued this is because the pricing is already inflated!).

Blue Shield of California doesn’t offer the traditional plans that these other carriers have and they are getting more and more competitive in Stockton but for people looking for first day and first dollar coverage (meaning that the company will cover most expenses from day one), Blue Shield will simply not cut it.  They will cut it, however, for people looking to carry insurance for the events that they cannot afford to cover (which is technically how insurance is supposed to function).  Still, they are not as affordable as they used to be but they are very competitive in the Stockton market.

Cigna is not very competitive in Stockton at all, though their plans are pretty good and they will price well in certain demographics such as younger adults.  Their plans do cover all the day to day expenses and I think that they are working on their pricing.  HealthNet offers amazingly creative plans as well that price well for young people that don’t go to the doctor too often (up to about age 40).