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San Jose Health Insurance

In San Jose, California health insurance can be a mighty difficult decision, luckily East Coast Health Insurance has some great insights into the San Jose health insurance market and I am going to give some great tips and plan advice right here. In fact, I ran some sample health insurance quotes in San Jose to get a good feeling about which plans I would choose for myself or my family, and after reviewing all the plans I think that the perfect plan for a 35-year-old male would be from Kaiser Permanente.  The only drawback here is that the plan is an HMO and might have network restrictions for you, but man, the benefits for the low premium are simply the best in the entire city.

Their Kaiser Permanente Deductible 40/3000 (available in other California cities as well) is $252 for a 35-year-old male, and has a very low out of pocket, or exposure, of 6k per year.  The problem with HMO’s is that there are no family discounts, so if you start adding multiple children and family members, in most cases a PPO will provide better value.  However, for single males this is the plan to beat.

If you are looking to spend as little money as possible, then HealthNet is by far the least expensive plan in the entire San Jose health insurance market.  The out of pocket is literally the same as the Kaiser plan, however, the deductible and coinsurance simply put applies to much more than the Kaiser plan (like office visits and most procedures while Kaiser has low copayments for these procedures).


Strangely enough, the other plans from the Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, and Aetna all cost significantly more but have around $2000 more in coinsurance and out of pocket exposure.  These plans have no extra benefits compared to Kaiser, but are PPO’s and will price much better for families.


Of the four plans, I chose Anthem Blue Cross because of price, which pretty much blows away both Cigna and Aetna.  (Aetna & AARP can be great plans for people having issues getting approved for health coverage). Again, these plans are priced very well compared to Kaiser, but Kaiser as an HMO offers more first dollar benefits.


Depending on your preferences, either the Blue Cross or Blue Shield plans, Kaiser Permanente, or HealthNet would be my best recommendations.  Call us now at 888 803 5917 for a live quote and to see which plan we recommend for you.
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