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San Diego Health Insurance

San Diego is the second largest city in California and has 1.4 million residents and potential East Coast Health Insurance clients.  There are seven companies offering health plans in San Diego, and East Coast Health Insurance offers San Diego health insurance quotes on our site where you can shop, and even apply online for a plan that you like.  Some companies like the Blue Cross and Blue Shields even offer instant approvals.

When running a few sample San Diego health insurance quotes, there were several plans of note, mainly from Anthem and Kaiser Permanente. For those interested in an HMO, the Kaiser plan is not only the highest rated in the state, but the only carrier offering the most immediate access to care. Anthem Blue Cross provides a more costly but great option with their Premier Plus plan, if you prefer the option of choosing your providers freely and going out of network.



For a 35-year-old resident of San Diego, the best value and benefit package was from Kaiser Permanente. The Kaiser Permanente Deductible 40/3000 blew me away with benefits and value.  For only $232 this plan capped out at 6k out of pocket including 3k deductible and 3k coinsurance maximum. It also has great office visit copays and prescription coverage, but the best part is that it has an emergency room copay.  Lately, because people get angry when they don’t have this, we have been adding emergency supplemental plans on to the coverage, but we don’t need to add anything with this Kaiser plan.

My next favorite plan is the Anthem Blue Cross Premier Plus 2500, sadly this plan is about 20% more in cost and doesn’t have nearly the amount of benefits as an HMO would have, but if you are looking for freedom then this is probably the plan for you. If you are looking for the best care (like Dr. House) in the event of an extreme catastrophe, then a PPO will most likely be the best choice. But to me, for everyday, an HMO is the way to go (unless you can afford a top of the line 0 deductible PPO, in which case it wouldn’t matter or if you are sitting elected government official).  For $275, this was the best of the PPO plans in terms of value.

I really don’t have a next favorite plan, so I am instead going to recommend the incredibly inexpensive HealthNet plans, which at $103 are great plans that even offer some great benefits before meeting the deductible.  One of them is actually $100 (the Farm Bureau one) and really the only drawback here is that they don’t have a ton of office visits before the deductible, but they do have prescriptions, and a terribly low out of pocket maximum per year (about $6,000 each).  For people on a budget, HealthNet is a great choice.  If you check out my insurance complaint page, however, HealthNet does get a few more complaints than other carriers, but they do pay their claims so it more likely a customer service issue.

HealthNet CFB Standard 4000

Finally, there is Cigna, which is pretty middle of the road, but they have a decent plan and if you need coverage and have medical concerns they might be a decent choice.





Image: SanDiego.gov