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Sacramento Health Insurance Plans

With a population of some half million avid residents, Sacramento is one of the most passionate cities I have ever seen.  If you guys care about health insurance half as much as you care about sports, I think we will need to write 10 pages about this topic!  Well, I am going to write at least one anyways, and with seven companies I should have no shortage of ground to cover.

East Coast Health Insurance (located in Florida named after a subsidiary – we sell health plans nationwide!) offers Aetna (and AARP, which is underwritten by Aetna), Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Health Net of California, and Kaiser Permanente.  Of these plans, different companies will be stronger in different demographics, but for the most part the cheapest company in Sacramento is usually near the top in every demographic.

There are two great Sacramento health insurance companies that are not only the most affordable across the most age and family sizes demographics, but also offer the most benefits.  The HMO plan from Kaiser Permanente of California is my personal favorite, because like all HMO’s it offers comprehensive testing and covered procedures with no deductible.  There is no PPO plan in the Sacramento individual health insurance market that can also claim this, even if the deductible is 0 (no one offers a zero deductible anymore on PPO coverage).

I ran a sample health insurance quote for a 61 year old male in Sacramento, and Kaiser Permanente’s Deductible 40/3000 NM came out to around $380 per month.  It has a 3000 deductible and copays for everything you can think of.  On the topic of HMO’s, there is also Health Net which comes close to Kaiser, but is not a good idea unless you are a younger male preferably.  Health Net does have some great plans, though, in California, but just not as good as Kaiser in most demographics.

On the PPO side, like in most of California, Anthem Blue Cross (the better California Blue, in my opinion) offers a Premier Plus 3500 plan which is $442 and much more expensive than Kaiser Permanente, but it does offer more choice.

Blue Shield and Cigna also offer plans in Sacramento, but really they just don’t compare to these other companies in terms of price or benefits.