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Riverside Health Insurance


Riverside, California, with a population of right around 300,000 residents, has a great selection of health insurance companies to choose from for your individual and even group health insurance needs.  Right off the top, we have Aetna and AARP,  Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, HealthNet, Farmers, and Kaiser Permanente.

Like in most cities in California, Kaiser Permanente simply offers the most health insurance for the least money, and it is no different in the Riverside health insurance market.  Their plans are very inexpensive across every Riverside demographic from young single males, to single parent families, to large traditional families.  Of course, they are indeed HMO’s and have tighter networks than their competition, which is mostly from Anthem Blue Cross in terms of price.  I will also tell you that Anthem will probably beat Kaiser head to head for large families because usually HMO’s don’t offer family discounts like PPO’s.

Anthem Blue Cross, by deduction, is the co-winner this year in Riverside as their PPO, in spite of increases, is simply the best in the state.  If you talk to a broker on the phone (including us at 888 803 5917) and they try to sell you a different PPO plan, (unless medical conditions are present) be alarmed.

Blue Shield of California has also been a great brand in Riverside in past years, but this year is simply not in the top echelon unless there is a specific circumstance such as medical condition or underwriting concern.  For some demographics (usually younger) they are very close to Anthem, though.

AARP and Aetna are only competitive in the event you have a large single parent family or are having medical underwriting issues that raise your premiums with other carriers. AARP especially tends to have very low rate ups for medical conditions, but keep in mind they have a higher base premium. Cigna, as well, seems to be a higher base premium for most demographics, but is competitive in younger age bands.