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Oakland Health Insurance

In Oakland, there are about six reliable health insurance companies that are represented by East Coast Health Insurance and depending on your age, precise zip code, and family makeup there could be different best plans for everyone. Certainly at the top of everyone’s list should be the great plans from Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross, which are not only the benefit leaders, but also the price leaders. For people over 50 years old, Kaiser Permanente is 100% the best choice, though it is an HMO, which might (mistakenly, in my opinion) turn people off.  Our job at East Coast Health Insurance is to make sure you understand all of your options in the Oakland health insurance market and make the best decision based on your preferences, so if you like PPO’s we are usually going to recommend Anthem Blue Cross.

AARP and Aetna also offer significantly respected plans in Oakland but they are actually quite expensive when compared to Anthem and Kaiser Permanente.  Both companies, however, are significantly easier to get approved with than any other in Oakland. Still, unless you have a medical condition both carriers have kind of priced themselves out of the individual health insurance market in Oakland.  Sadly, Cigna is also falling into this category of expensive plans and they are a relatively new entrant to the market. However, all of three of these companies do excel in at least one or two demographics in Oakland. Aetna, for instance, just kicks butt for single mothers with 3-4 children, and Cigna has its strong points as well.  AARP is very good for anyone that has been declined before, so by no means am I saying to rule these carriers out, but I am saying that Anthem and Kaiser will usually be the most appropriate plan for the most demographics.

Blue Shield of California, which used to be the price leader in Oakland, is just about equal with the competition in Oakland. Again, they might be competitive in your demographic, and actually priced much better for middle aged men. Blue Cross is a very reliable brand, as well, and frankly, because of their nonprofit status they will eventually return to their former glory of being a leader in the Oakland health insurance market.

Lastly, we have Farmer/HealthNet which are really just amazingly designed plans and are in some cases half the price of Anthem and Kaiser. But, and this is a big but, they do offer less benefits and have beaten the prices on Anthem and Kaiser by raising the deductible and eliminating the coinsurance, which at the end of the day should have a net effect of 0 depending on your medical expenses for that year.

If all of this sounds confusing, than please call us at 888 803 5917, and we will answer all of your questions and run you a custom Oakland health insurance quote.