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In the Long Beach health insurance market, we have about six or seven health insurance companies to choose from, depending on if you count AARP, which is kind of like Aetna anyways, and of course is only available if you are over 50 years old. Because Long Beach has such a large metropolitan population, I ran several sample Long Beach health insurance quotes to get a feel for which plans East Coast Health Insurance wanted to recommend.

Like in most parts of the California health insurance market, Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente’s HMO plan are the best priced plans in Long Beach.  Also if you are under 40 or so and male, the HealthNet plans are simply exceptionally well designed, affordable plans, however they do have higher deductibles then Kaiser and Blue Cross (higher deductibles, not out of pockets, the out of pocket is essentially the same).

So, which is the better value in Long Beach, Anthem Blue Cross or Kaiser Permanente?  Actually, its simply a matter of preference as Anthem Blue Cross is a PPO and Kaiser Permanente is an HMO. However, because HMO’s price per member and can be way more expensive than PPO’s for families, Anthem will probably be a better value if you have a family to insure, as well.  A single parent family, however, will need to run a quote to see which is more competitive.  I also am partial to HMO plans because I think their benefits are way better year in year out, however, if you get a rare, Dr. House type of illness you would certainly be happier with a PPO, as it doubtful a doctor in New Jersey will accept your California HMO.

If you are just interested in pure value, the Farmer’s Bureau or HealthNet plans are PPO’s with premiums half as inexpensive as Anthem and Kaiser Permanente for young males that are single, but you will likely have quite a bit of out of pocket expenses with even a small accident (up to 6k in expenses, actually).

Long Beach also has the AARP and Aetna plans which are extremely expensive when compared with the first three plans I highlighted here (about 40% more) with no real benefit advantages (if anything there would be disadvantages when compared with Anthem or Kaiser), but they have extremely lax underwriting and are very customer friendly. Aetna is much less than AARP, too interestingly, but AARP will be less likely to hit you with a high rate up for a particular condition, which is why I recommend applying with multiple companies if you have a medical condition, are over 50, or both.

There is also Blue Shield, which is struggling to become a force in the California market but offers a 4500 deductible plan that is actually pretty good, but just not as good as Kaiser or Anthem.  The good part about it is that there is 0 coinsurance, the bad part is that the benefits are mostly after the deductible, which is different from Anthem. Though, if you have a bad year with hefty medical expenses, then Blue Shield would have been a good bet.

Cigna is one of my favorite companies, but man they can be expensive in Long Beach.  Still, there are demographics where they do well, but just not better than Anthem or Kaiser Permanente.  They are less expensive however, than Aetna and AARP for most people.