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Fresno has a population of just under half a million, and there are about seven health insurance companies that East Coast Health Insurance chose to underwrite that we felt had good coverage at a reasonable rate.  If you have insurance from any other company, I would be wary as we try to write everyone that can reasonably be trusted.  We also run health insurance complaint numbers to see if we missed anyone or should take anyone off of carriers.

In any event, I ran a Fresno health insurance sample quote for a 61-year-old male and picked the best plans I could from each carrier, and tried to include office visit copayments, prescription coverage, and a deductible of around $3,000 (or out of pocket of $7,500, including deductible).



By far, the best plan in Fresno for an older male is Kaiser Permanente’s Deductible 40/3000 NM which is simply the best priced plan by far.  It also happens to be the most benefit rich.  And the reason Kaiser Permanente in Fresno can do this is because they are a non-profit HMO.  Meaning, you need referrals for any high level medical treatment (which should be acceptable, considering the huge cost savings).

The second plan (or first if you like PPO’s) is Anthem Blue Cross’s Premier Plus 3500, which is really only a few dollars more, and is of course a PPO plan. Anthem Blue Cross is the most affordable PPO in Fresno and California for that matter, though Blue Shield used to be for many years until they had quite a few losses on their book and now are just not that competitive. Blue Shield offers the Balance Plan 2500, for $200 more than Anthem and Kaiser Permanente and offers no more benefits.

Aetna, as always, is very competitive in this demographic and has a great nationwide PPO, but their AARP plan is not really in the running unless you have medical conditions in which case they tend to be very accepting and have much lower rate ups for medical conditions.  The $2500 deductible AARP plan in Fresno is just under $700 per month ($200 more than Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross).

Cigna’s strong point in Fresno is certainly not older, single males as they are very expensive and don’t have any great benefits that would let it be.  I am actually not sure what Cigna’s strong point is in Fresno yet, but I am sure they are strong in some demographic and of course, they are a very reliable company with a strong network.

Finally, there is the HealthNet HMO plan which is dirt cheap for young males and might be the best plan in Fresno for the money in this demographic but simply doesn’t compare to Kaiser Permanente’s HMO plan. However, they might have easier underwriting, so they might be worth a shot if you have been turned down elsewhere.  I usually recommend applying with multiple carriers if you are over 60 or have medical issues.



 Image: http://thatfresnoblog.tumblr.com