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Chula Vista Health Insurance


Like in the rest of the California health insurance market, the Chula Vista market is dominated in terms of value and price by Kaiser Permanente, which offers the best value by far though you will need to put up with an HMO (which to me is a good thing) plan network.  The good thing about HMO’s, of course, is that they cover all procedures and visits with small copayments as opposed to putting it towards the deductible as their PPO brethren would do. The bad thing about HMO’s is that you might not be able to see that specialist you want, and even if you can, you will need to get a referral.  Of course, there are plenty of top specialists in the Kaiser Permanente network in Chula Vista and surrounding areas, so that should not be the biggest issue in the world.

If you had your heart set on a Chula Vista PPO, then you will probably elect one of the Blues, but that could be a mistake as though only Blue that we are recommending in Chula Vista this year is the Anthem Blue Cross, which is the PPO price leader.  Blue Shield of California is still OK, but it has gotten more and more expensive over the years.  Anthem Blue Cross has some great plan options and it also has a great network across California.

If you are 50 or over, then AARP seems to have a well priced product in Chula Vista (in most of California they are ridiculously expensive) and they accept people even if their health isn’t perfect.  Specifically, I am recommending their Premier $2500 Deductible Plan, which is pretty benefit rich as well.  The network uses the Aetna network so you will not have to worry about not having enough doctors to choose from (that is nationwide I am speaking of).

Aetna itself is also pretty close in premium to AARP, though side by side AARP has a lower deductible.  The time where Aetna might make more sense than AARP (besides the fact that anyone under 50 doesn’t qualify for AARP) is if there are medical conditions, in which case it makes sense to apply with both sometimes and see which comes back with the better rate (Aetna/AARP will not like me saying this).

Cigna is pretty expensive for people over 50, and usually makes more sense for the younger demographics, especially single.  Their plan has a good network and decent benefits.  There is also HealthNet which kicks butt in the younger demographics and is in many cases the price leader, though their plans are very stripped down with benefits.  I would weigh all options before deciding on HealthNet.