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Bakersfield Health Insurance

Bakersfield is a pretty large California city, and there are actually eight different health insurance companies to choose from.  Luckily for you, East Coast Health Insurance has the lowdown on the Bakersfield health insurance market and we are really excited about the plans from Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross. In actuality, all of the companies in Bakersfield are much less expensive than other parts of California, surprisingly, but that must be due to medical costs just being lower here, or maybe less fraud.

Anyways, I ran a sample Bakersfield health insurance quote and was happy to see that both Anthem and Kaiser were near the top of the heap in terms of benefits per dollar.  A surprise, however, was Aetna being so darn cheap in Bakersfield as they have been really quite expensive in other parts of California.  Additionally, if you are suffering from any kind of medical condition, Aetna will not only accept you, but they will do it for less money than everyone else.  The same can be said for AARP even more so than Aetna actually, but sadly AARP has much higher base premiums than Aetna, and yes, Aetna underwrites AARP so you can imagine this can cause some confusion.

Blue Shield of California is the lone exception to the Bakersfield lower premiums and they are really quite expensive when compared to Anthem and Kaiser. I can’t really recommend them in Bakersfield, at least in the demographics where I ran sample quotes.  Still, they have some interesting plan designs and they might be affordable in your age band or family size, so please don’t ignore them. (Not to mention, we just got a contract with them!)

Cigna, a relatively new entrant to the Bakersfield health insurance picture, has “relatively” high premiums also, but they do well with children, so if you have kids, make sure to check out their Open Access 3000 plan which prices quite well.

I am also a big fan of the HealthNet plans in Bakersfield even though there are only like 6 plans to choose from because they are so darn cheap.  Please keep an open mind when shopping these plans because they might not be traditional, but they are very affordable.