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Anaheim Health Insurance

Looking at the health insurance plans available in Anaheim, one’s eyes will immediately avert to the terrific plans available from both Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross.  Kaiser Permanente, however, definitely takes the cake in the Anaheim health insurance market. In fact, their plan Deductible 40/3000 is almost twice as inexpensive as AARP for seniors and has more benefits. It is important to know, as well, that Kaiser Permanente is an HMO and therefore will have a smaller network.  Kaiser Permanente is actually a group of hospitals and its networks, which is how they pull this off.  Additionally, Kaiser pays almost no commissions to brokers (poor us!) and is a nonprofit agency, and basically I think that it is the best plan dollar for dollar in Anaheim.

A close second is the wide open PPO Anthem Blue Cross which obviously gives you access to the great BCBS Association network, which is in most opinions the best in the nation.  Blue Shield of California (which we finally got appointed with in Anaheim) is great, but they are just more expensive for many demographics in Anaheim. But Blue Shield also has more modern plan designs with high deductibles and few benefits before the deductible.  I used to be a little harder on them to be honest because of the whole rate increase scandal a few years ago. They do have their strong points, but they are just no longer the most affordable plan in California like they were for many years.

Aetna is also very affordable in Anaheim, and that is a rarity, believe me. Even though they might not be as inexpensive as Kaiser Permanente and Anthem, they might very well end up being after considering your health history. Aetna is one of the few companies in the country (that is a dependable company, I mean) that covers diabetes and chronic conditions and they don’t hit you that hard with rate ups for it.

If you are over 50, AARP might even be in the running but their premium base rate is very high so you will need to be almost medically uninsurable before AARP becomes a good deal in Anaheim.  The base premium for a plan comparable to Anthem is like 50% more per month.  In this same boat is Cigna which though offers terrific plans and in spite of how much I love the ECHI (East Coast Health Insurance) sales rep from Cigna (I am talking about you, Fabian) they are just not priced well in Anaheim.  Certainly, they are affordable in some age bands and family sizes though.

Lastly we have the Farmer’s and HealthNet plans which are really great if you young, and offer some great plan designs that are incredibly affordable.  I recommend this company for healthy, young people who don’t ever go to the doctor.  Not only that, I love the reliability of this company as well.

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