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California is, if you didn’t know, the most populated state in the US with 37.6 million residents.  Additionally, it is known as one of the most complex states for health insurance in the country (though I really think New York is more of a pain) and East Coast Health Insurance has honestly had a tough time completing our goals with licensing because there are just so darn many health insurance companies that we targeted here.  In any case, that is in the past, and we are now fully licensed in California.

This is our section heading for our individual health insurance pages by city in California and below is our index of all the states where we ran sample California health insurance quotes.  As time goes on, because California is so large, we will keep adding cities. So, if you are anxious to see what plans we recommend in your town, you can either contact us at 888 803 5917, or run your own California health quotes.


1 Los Angeles 3,831,868
2 San Diego 1,306,300
3 San Jose 964,695
4 San Francisco 815,358
5 Fresno 479,918
6 Sacramento 466,676
7 Long Beach 462,604
8 Oakland 409,189
9 Santa Ana 340,338
10 Anaheim 337,896
11 Bakersfield 324,463
12 Riverside 297,841
13 Stockton 287,578
14 Chula Vista 223,739
15 Irvine 209,716