At East Coast Health Insurance, the leading brokerage for affordable policies, we’re proud to provide our customers with many different California health insurance plans. When you contact our qualified agents, you’ll be given a full menu of policies tailored for your specific needs and budget.

California houses more people than any other, and sports every type of climate and environment – mountains, coastal communities, snowy areas, deserts – is represented within the state’s borders. This state offers an endless variety of benefits for residents, as well.  Aside from the gorgeous natural scenery, there are huge metropolitan areas, cultural highlights, a thriving economy and involved government, and a true melting pot of nationalities and ethnicities. But with so much diversity, it’s not easy to provide residents with ideal California health insurance coverage necessary to lead a productive (and safe) lifestyle, and it can get expensive.

At East Coast Health Insurance, we have a skilled team of professionals very familiar with all the plans in your neighborhood. Our California agents are knowledgeable about California’s specific health insurance rules and guidelines. As such, we’re able to provide you with personalized health insurance quotes from leading industry giants, including Aetna, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Kaiser Permanente. For further information, please call us today at (888) 803-5917, or search for your own California health insurance quote.


Your Source for California Health Insurance

Whether you and your family are searching for a basic, no-frills policy or a top-of-the-line policy, East Coast Health Insurance has the solution to your coverage needs. You see, we believe that any type of California health insurance is preferable to being uninsured. Unfortunately, more and more Americans are going without coverage; research estimates that about 48.6 million Americans (16% of those 65 or younger) had NO health insurance coverage in 2011! There’s no better time to purchase a reputable policy, as you and your family need coverage to be safe and secure.

On our website, you’ll be able to run a personalized search for California health insurance quote, with side-by-side comparisons from other health insurance plans. A brief preliminary search shows that Blue Cross Blue Shield (under the “Anthem” label) offers the most cost-effective plans, starting with a PPO from under $80.00. Aside from Blue Cross, you may be interested in pans from Aetna, and United Health One, both of which provide a wide range of plan types (HMO, PPO, POS, government and contract plans) for all budget levels. Don’t worry if you have any issues about your future policy. Whether you and your family are concerned about plan types, pricing and payments, or pre-existing conditions, our local agents will address it all, at your convenience.


California Health Quote Sample

To illustrate the benefits of purchasing a California health insurance plan with us, we’ve run a sample search for a 35-year-old Sacramento couple. We offer several options for companies, including Aetna, Cigna, HealthNet, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield of California. Based on the amount of benefits you will receive for the premium and deductible cost, we decided to set our deductible at $2,000 – 2,500.

The least expensive plan in this range turned out to be Cigna’s Open Access plan, for $420 per month for both individuals. While value plans from Cigna and United offered lower premiums, the Open Access plan has unlimited doctor’s office visits, and prescription coverage. For slightly more each month, this couple has access to the superb Anthem Blue Cross of California network through their Premier Plus plan, which we highly suggest.

Every quote varies based on personal criteria, age, gender, zip code, so this is a general idea for the individuals we chose. To get a better idea of what costs and plans will look like for you, fill out a quote for an instant online comparison. For a one-on-one meeting with an East Coast Health Insurance agent, please call our customer service representatives at 888 803 5917.




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