With health care reform ready to sick its ugly teeth into our health care system, I have been at a loss in order to continue upgrading this site based on helping people shop and understand health insurance.  Because of the coming changes as of 9/23 and then even more changes coming on 10/1 and then even more unpredictable craziness to follow over the next three years, I am terrified of having to update this entire site with each change as I will end up spending my entire life rewriting the same articles again and again.

So what am I to do?  All I can think to recommend to people is that they call us at 888-803-5917 to get live assistance or email us with their unique situations.

I totally support this reform and lets not forget how bad health care was getting before it, but on the other hand I don’t remember it being this absurd.  I can’t even shop plans right now with an effective date of 2 weeks away as no companies have approved plans!  Yes that’s right I can’t sell health plans if they have an effective date of more than 2 weeks from now.   And prices?  They are even more unobtainable for most Americans.  With local government going bankrupt in the face of poor central banking planning, there are even less subsidies available for those Americans that can’t afford coverage.

Yes somehow, a bad situation has become worse.  Its not a question of politics or opinion, its a life and death situation and sadly there is no answers for people that can’t obtain health insurance right now nor is there a shining light on the horizon.  But like I said our brokers at East Coast Health Insurance know health insurance and health reform and can help you find the program or plan from the insurance companies or the government itself, so give us a whirl you have nothing to lose.

Jeremy Ehrenthal

Jeremy Ehrenthal is a partner at East Coast Health Insurance, a national brokerage for individual, group, and Medicare health insurance plans. East Coast Health Insurance is committed to providing honest opinions of the insurance industry, giving the consumer as much information as we can. From underwriting guidelines to public health plans, our agency pushes the limits of tradition in order to give people more access to care. As an internet company, our site provides every possible resource on health insurance imaginable so that any reader can understand a health plan, the industry, and their rights. With the individual in mind, our Health Insurance News blog maintains the transparency of our agency, giving accurate updates on the nation's health care and insurance systems. The blog is also a great place to find local Florida health insurance news, as the agency is headquartered in Broward County and dedicated to providing the state with current events and industry happenings.

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