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Health Reform Update

This is the page where I try to keep everyone in the circle of information.  Basically as of today 9/17/2009, we are looking at a Senate vote that seems nearly impossible even assuming a moderate bill is proposed.  Why because the lefty Dems. want more and the righty Dems want less.  In order to for any bill to pass, it has to have the 59 Democrat senators.  What bill has the best chance of passing?  A moderate one, what has the least chance of being effective? THE SAME ANSWER A MODERATE ONE.  By the time anything is even proposed it will be so watered down, that I fully expect it to add to the growing health costs not subtract as President Obama has demanded.   Remember, a bill without a public plan will not force health insurance premiums or medical costs down.  If the pharmaceuticals, medical professionals and health care institutions are allowed to dictate pricing and the amount of uninsured stays the same then there is no reason to expect cost control.  Put simply, the health care industry as a whole will continue to bill the insured to pay for the uninsured.  That is an important factor in the health care costs battle.

There is only one answer of course, and that is a public plan.  Not a public plan, but the public plan.  Yes, we need to socialize the bulk of health care.  I am not mincing words.  I need to be out of a job.  If not, health care costs will consume this nation in a sea of economic despair.  Forget global warming, which is at least 50 years away from making life considerably harder.   I expect the next recession to put a big going out of business sign on the country.  And that will make the Great Depression look like a shopping spree.  The next recession is like global warming it is coming and it cannot be stopped anymore than we can stop the hammer from falling on this economy.  Too many years of political and economic irresponsibility has racked up quite the bill.  To be sure, it is a Republic, conservative recession almost entirely.  You cannot make the world have laws, and then let those laws be broken by powerful companies or powerful people.  That is exactly what happened.  In any event like global warming, the coming recession will be as bad as we can imagine, the only question will be how severe.

There is one caveat to this recession, which of course is either another bubble (which would only delay the recession not stop it) or incredible economic growth through a miracle technology that lets the country have enough economic growth to pay off its debt and control its deficits.  Is it possible?  Why not?  Has it ever happened before?  Not really.

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