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Coventry One Plan Changes

Coventry One has some major changes coming to benefit policy holder. Read on friends!

CoventryOne continues to make a significant investment in business improvements and process changes to better serve our members and our brokers. We are pleased to inform you of a number of exciting changes that we will implement in the coming year. Beginning September 24th, we are introducing a number of changes that have been in development for over a year.


You will see overall changes in the location for new business application submissions, improved communication during the underwriting process, enhanced enrollment support, and improved billing and renewal administration. These business improvements and process changes will affect your CoventryOne new business and in-force business as well. Some of the most significant changes include:

  • The ongoing ACH premium draft date will change from the 10th of the month to the 5th of the month (or the following business day if a weekend or holiday).
  • The initial ACH premium draft from a member’s account or credit card will occur immediately following underwriting approval and policy issuance. The initial premium draft will always be for one full month’s premium. Premium adjustments for a partial month’s coverage will be made on the second month’s premium draft. Your new CoventryOne members will receive a welcome letter explaining the draft amounts and dates.
  • We will begin to prorate premiums for partial months of coverage for member and dependent additions and deletions.
  • Active members will have the ability to view up to 16 months of their billing history using My Online ServicesSM from July 2012 going forward.
  • CoventryOne will begin using software certified by the USPS to verify an applicant’s resident county/zip code. If an application is submitted with an incorrect county/zip code that we identify, CoventryOne will contact the applicant by email and the application will be pended in underwriting until the issue is successfully resolved.
  • Through process improvements and automation, we will be able to increase the speed of issuance of member ID cards to 1-3 days from the time of underwriting approval (plus mail time).
  • We are changing our banking relationships so the payment screens and banking screens on the CoventryOne Online Assistant will reflect this change.
  • We will send underwriting offers and both acceptance and decline letters by email directly to new members with a copy to the writing agent. If no email address is provided on the application, these communications will be sent to the member by USPS.
  • We will send renewal letters to members with copies going to the writing agent. Each renewal letter will include up to three lower-cost options.
  • Members will be able to contact a customer service team that will provide live, over-the-phone alternate premium rates when renewing. Any changes will be coordinated with underwriting as necessary.
  • When choosing a lower-cost plan at renewal and when adding new members to existing coverage, we will use the premium rate from the members most recent renewal date to determine the new premium rates.
  • Changes in the family discount due to the addition or deletion of members will be reflected in the billed premium on the billing cycle following the change.

Agents will be more informed on the status of their members, as they will now receive copies of the collections process letters.

Jeremy Ehrenthal

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