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Aetna Makes Positive Change

Your children will now be able to stay on your health insurance policy until they finally reach Medicare, good news for them bad news for you and your insurance company.

In a recent email from Aetna, Aetna has come forward with a new change for those people that have Aetna or plan on getting it, whether individual or group.  Good news!  Your children who still live with you can also stay on your insurance until they finally marry the neighbor’s kids and get off of your back! We know many families are worried about their dependents losing medical coverage when they graduate from high school or college or otherwise age out of coverage. Health care reform will address this issue nationwide later this year, when new regulations will go into effect. In keeping with the spirit of health care reform, Aetna will work with our customers to extend coverage to their medical plans’ current dependents ahead of schedule. This means current dependents under the age of 26 would not have to leave their plans when they would otherwise age out or are no longer full-time students (including those who would have lost eligibility effective May 31, 2010). Note: that this would not include reinstatement of dependents who previously aged out of their plan. It also does not affect dental, vision, standalone pharmacy or other benefits..

For individual medical plans Aetna will continue coverage effective June 1, 2010 for dependents under age 26 currently covered on a parent’s medical plan. Aetna will not change the plan’s premium until renewal. Regardless of whether a plan makes this change ahead of schedule, health care reform is bringing changes to all plans soon. On the next renewal date on or after September 23, 2010, all medical plans must cover all dependents up to age 26 (and older for plans in states that mandate coverage above age 26). This may include dependents who are not currently enrolled in the plan, in accordance with regulations. We will be able to tell you more when the federal government issues regulations telling insurers and employers how this must be administered. We are pleased to offer our plan members the ability to keep their dependents insured. This is one step toward the goal of health care coverage for all Americans. If you have questions about how this will affect individual members who are interested in making this change ahead of the health care reform law, please contact your Aetna representative as soon as possible.

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