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Yuma Health Insurance

Though Yuma may not be considered a major city, it is growing. There are still over 94,000 residents currently living in the city, and more than 200,000 in the county. Residents of Yuma also have many options for health insurance, with over 100 individual and family plans from seven different carriers. Major national health insurers offering plans in Yuma include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Aetna, Health Net of Arizona, Humana, UnitedHealthOne, Cigna, and Celtic.

While each of these companies offers PPO and HSA plans, there are significant differences in their benefits, networks, and most importantly, pricing. In order to sort through the vast number of health plans, you may narrow down the search by deductible cost, price, or company when you get a quote. For a more informative quote experience, call one of our licensed agents/health insurance educators at 888 803 5917.


Health Insurance in Yuma, AZ

To provide better direction and ease in your search for health insurance, we ran a sample quote for a Yuma resident. With the results for a 28-year-old female nonsmoker living in Yuma, our top recommendations for affordability and quality can be chosen. Firstly, the search was limited to a $2500 deductible plan from each company, so that all plans can be assessed on a level playing field. Striving to find the most benefits for the lowest cost, we selected only plans with unlimited (or as many as possible) office visits, and 80 percent coverage after deductible.

With this criteria, the plan with the lowest premium for this resident of Yuma was the Copay Select 80 plan from UnitedHealthOne at $160 per month. This plan has unlimited doctor’s office visits for a $35 copay and covers prescriptions in addition to other comprehensive benefits. The next plan in a comparable price and benefit range is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’s Blue Optimum Plus plan with a monthly premium of $191. The deductible is $2000 and office visits are $30. The BCBSAZ network is very large, and can connect you to any Blue Cross Blue Shield provider if you are traveling out of state.

HumanaOne also offers a copay plan very similar to the UnitedHealthOne plan mentioned at $197 per month with $35 copays. Cigna, Aetna, and Health Net climb over the $200 mark for any plan worth considering in this range, therefore we would advise to stick with the previous three to get your money’s worth. Celtic plans are very limited in network and number of office visits, and IHC Group has high copays for their office visits, though IHC had a fairly low premium for their 80/20 plan at $157 per month.

Our recommendations for you may not be consistent with the sample quote here, therefore it is best to keep this framework of ideas (high benefit, low cost) in mind when shopping for health insurance and apply it to your own quote.