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Tucson Health Insurance

The Tucson health insurance market located in Pima County Arizona is pretty similar to the Phoenix health insurance market.  Tucson offers the same six Arizona health insurance companies though the rates vary slightly enough to have a different price leader in Tucson then in Phoenix.

Tucson Health Insurance Companies

With a population of just over half a million, the most popular plan is most definitely Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, but the most affordable plan in Tucson is United Health One or Golden Rule by quite a bit actually.  The other Tucson health insurance companies include Aetna, Humana, and the newest entrant Cigna.  For a Tucson health insurance quote, please click above  in our health insurance quote button.

Sample Tucson Health Insurance Quote

Using our normal comparison quota we picked one plan from each company making sure that all plans included office visit and prescriptions coverage from the first day with no deductible, and that the major medical deductible was $2500 and the out of pocket or coinsurance per year was no more than $3000.  This means that these Tucson health insurance policies would have a total out of pocket of no more than $5500 some have less, but usually only $500 to $1000.  With an out of pocket of only $4,500 Humana was the best policy in terms of out of pocket, and price wise it came in second to United Health One.  However, the United Health One plan the Copay Select has an out of pocket of $5,500 which is $1000 greater.  And the price savings was only $12 per month or $144 per year.  In other words, you could lower your out of pocket $1,000 by paying an extra $12 per month with Humana One which costs $110 per month vs. United Health One at $98.

Aetna and Cigna were the next two companies in our price comparison and they are both about $135 per month which is quite substantial in comparison and both have an out of pocket of $5,000.  In other words, these plans are just not competitive for a 34 year old male in Tucson.  However, Cigna is more affordable for larger families in Tucson and Aetna is very inexpensive for single parents with multiple children and young single females in Tucson.

Surprisingly, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona at $142 per month is just too expensive and not at all worth the extra $40 or $50 per month that you would pay with Humana or United Health Care.