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Tempe Health Insurance

Tempe, Arizona offers a few great health insurance plans to choose from including Aetna, Humana, United Health One, Cigna, Health Net, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.  For an instant Tempe health insurance quote click the button below, and for more information on the plan choices in Tempe, call 888 803 5917.

Tempe Health Insurance Plans and Sample Quote

As a 34 year old male in the Tempe health insurance market, I will immediately say there is an overwhelming choice of plans, but I am going to try to narrow it down for you.  For the majority of Tempe residents, a plan with office visit copays, and prescription coverage before the deductible is the most favored plan design.  So we will not discuss the various Health Savings Account plans available in Arizona.  90% of our clients elect these traditional plans so we will briefly compare these specific plan types from each health insurance company.

By far the least expensive plan in Tempe is HealthNet.  It also looks the best on paper, as it offers emergency room copays as well as other various plan enhancements.  However, the network is not always the strongest and the plan has difficult underwriting for certain medical conditions.  Of course, for the money it is seemingly the best choice.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona also offers outstanding health insurance plans but there is a lump of companies that cost right around the same price at $120 per month for a $2500 deductible including Humana, United Health One, and of Blue Cross.  Of the three Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona would be the most benefit rich for the most people.  They also tend to have the smallest rate increases and have an outstanding network.

If you have been turned down with Blue Cross, then either Humana One and United Health One would be fine choices as well, and the two plans are nearly identical in plan design so have at it if they seem attractive to you.  And also remember that I am using a 34 year old male for these quotes and the plans will definitely vary in premium for not only age difference but also for family coverage.  Indeed if you are single parent with a few children you will certainly find Aetna to offer the least expensive coverage even if you are 34 year old.

If you are over 55 years old then Aetna would be an awesome choice as would AARP which East Coast Health Insurance is also licensed with.

But the most expensive plan in Tempe is Cigna.  The reason for this is that as a new entrant to the Arizona and Tempe market, Cigna is putting together a network which is costly and are paying a little extra to use PHCS.  PHCS is a kind of a stand alone network that is often leased by insurance companies that want to either increase their network or to use it exclusively.

If you have medical conditions in Tempe, due to the amount of companies and plans East Coast Health Insurance will often recommend applying with multiple carriers at the same time to ensure getting the best deal, this is especially true if you are close to 65.