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Phoenix Health Insurance

The Maricopa & Phoenix health insurance market is dominated by 6 well respected Arizona health insurance companies including Aetna, Humana, United, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.  I don’t suggest going with any company not in that set of names.  Furthermore, HealthNet has been leaving several markets in recent months, so unless a medical condition prevents you from changing health insurance companies, it might be wise to stay within my list.

So I ran a sample Phoenix health insurance quote for a 34 year old male in the zip code 85001 and found that the market was extremely competitive.  To make the comparison fair, I only looked at plans with a deductible of $2500-$3000 with a maximum out of pocket of no more than $5500.  Additionally, all plans had to offer unlimited office visits and prescription coverage copayments before the deductible.

Sample Phoenix Health Insurance Quote

In my comparison United Health One came in the least expensive at $101 per month with a maximum out of pocket (deductible plus coinsurance) of $5,500.  This plan has an outstanding prescription plan as I mentioned on my United Health One Arizona page.  HealthNet of course, came in second place at $105.  What seperates these two plans is that United Health One has a much larger network and is rapidly expanding its company while HealthNet seemingly is shrinking.  But, I would still pick HealthNet over United Health One due to two main factors.  One, the company is domiciled in Arizona which means they are state regulated, and two they have an emergency room copay of $300 instead of applying everything toward the deductible.  Overall, I am very happy with the HealthNet plan and would actually choose it for myself.

On the second tier of plans are the Phoenix Cadillac plans including Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield both of whom offer PPO coverage like United and HealthNet, but are about 10-12% more expensive.  There is no other factors to consider here as these plans do not separate themselves from HealthNet or even United Health One.  You might be thinking though that for an extra few bucks why not go with Blue Cross, which is probably a good point except that when you a large family or even 3 members that premium difference can easily amount to close $1400 per year which is certainly not worth paying.  But if you are single and young I would certainly not push you away from either plan as they are 100% the best plans in Phoenix (though neither offer emergency room copays).

Humana and Cigna are just not competitive here, and Cigna is very new to the Phoenix, Arizona market but in many areas in Arizona they will be the price leader.  Additionally, they are known to offer a great family discount for larger families as well as older clients. So look to Cigna for larger families and older Arizonians.  Humana One?  It has a remarkably unremarkable plan and unless you have medical conditions it is not a leader in any category currently in the Phoenix market.

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