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Mesa Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers a complete Mesa health insurance quote for you and your family.  You can even apply online right here for a Mesa Health Insurance Plan on our secure website.  East Coast Health Insurance also promises that you will never be contacted by more than one agent who will only sell you the best plan for you  not for them.

Mesa Health Insurance is a little more expensive then other cities and counties in the Arizona health insurance market.  Like Phoenix, Mesa is also in Maricopa county, Mesa’s population is just under 500,000 and due to the fact that hospital and health services in general cost more in Mesa, this also leads to Mesa health insurance premiums being more expensive.

But the good news is that East Coast Health Insurance offers a complete Mesa Arizona health insurance quote database with quotes from  Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Humana, United Health One, and HealthNet.

Mesa Health Insurance Sample Quote

Like most of Arizona, United Health One is the most affordable plan in the Mesa, Arizona health insurance market.  It is also the plan that I have on myself.  Though far from perfect, the plan is very comprehensive and only costs $98 per month for an individual age 34 with office visit copays, prescription coverage, and a $2500 deductible on major medical.  After the $2500 deductible there is an 80/20 coinsurance ceiling of $3000.  This means the most you could spend on medical costs per year is the $2500 deductible plus another $3000 in coinsurance for a total of $5500.

The next plans that came in most affordable for my age and demographic in Mesa were Aetna and Humana at about $130 each.  Of the three plans Aetna is by far the best choice in terms of benefits but it is obviously a little more expensive.  But if you are a female Aetna would probably be the most inexpensive plan.  I certainly recommend Aetna of these three companies as not only are they the most dependable Mesa health insurance company, but they have also never rescinded a plan.

Finally for those of you that don’t care about price, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona also offers probably one of the best plans, but it is just too darn expensive at nearly $160 per month for the same plan type as United, Aetna, and Humana.

Cigna is a brand new company and at $156 per month they are not worth going with, however for larger Mesa families they are probably the most affordable company because they offer a great family discount.