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Surrounded by natural beauty, Flagstaff is settled in the foothills of the tallest mountain in the state, Humphrey’s Peak, and in close proximity to several national forests. Eighty miles to the north, the Grand Canyon can be viewed in all its majesty, and Phoenix lies 145 miles to the south, isolating this small city as the cultural center of northern Arizona. With nearly 66,000 residents, Flagstaff continues to increase gradually over the years, due to large firms and research facilities such as the United States Geological Survey and W.L. Gore & Associates. One of the top astronomical observatories in the nation also operates in Flagstaff, the Lowell Observatory, a center for researchers and visitors alike.

Flagstaff is home to numerous events, with an emphasis on music of all sorts as well as theater. The outdoors are a staple of the city, serving as a destination for hiking, running, and biking, with an outstanding urban trail system in addition to the area’s acclaimed wilderness trails and parks.

As many opportunities for healthy living are present in Flagstaff, it is important to maintain your good health with medical insurance. If your employer does not offer coverage, about 100 different individual plans are offered by the state’s most trusted carriers, Aetna, HealthNet, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, among others. Though premiums tend to be higher in Coconino County than other Arizona counties, certain plans still provide an array of benefits for an agreeable premium. For instance, Humana offers an 80/20 coinsurance, $2,500 deductible plan for $139 per month to 30-year-old male residents, the lowest cost copay plan in this range.


Flagstaff, Arizona Health Insurance Quotes

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When looking at health plans as a 30-year-old female resident of Flagstaff, the lowest cost plan is still Humana, with copays for office visits, generic prescriptions, and up to $500 in outpatient lab work paid in full. For a young, health female, premiums on benefit-rich plans such as these start at $190, with a similar plan from UnitedHealthOne as the next most cost-effective. The only variation between the plans is that copays for specialist visit copays are less with UnitedHealth, though the Humana lab work benefit may be helpful to some. In this area, Humana is by far the best deal for this demographic, though it can always change for a different age and gender group.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona actually provides more benefits, though the premium is $225 for this resident, they receive all levels of prescriptions without a deductible, upfront coverage for office visits, and a $50 copay for chiropractic services. With a lower deductible, it will also be easier to reach the $2,000 out-of-pocket limit when using this policy. As one of the top plans in the state for their provider selection, benefits, and coverage, it may be worth the extra cash to invest in a more well-rounded plan.

Additional PPO plans in the area offer similar coverage for a greater cost, which you can rule out if you were a 30-year-old female. However, other residents of Flagstaff may be able to find more fair prices with Cigna, Aetna, and HealthNet, who are the most costly in this case. Compare all Flagstaff plans and rates in our quote engine to get an accurate view of the current market, or call us at 888 803 5917 for a personal consultation.





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