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Bullhead City Health Insurance

Bullhead City is the largest city in Mohave County, Arizona, and comprises the largest micropolitan area in Mohave County with the surrounding towns of Laughlin, Mohave Valley, Fort Moiave, and Needles, California. With more than 100,000 residents in this area, Bullhead County serves as the cultural and recreational center, though still a somewhat quiet area.

The city has hundreds of acres of urban park land and recreation areas, including, golf courses, swimming pools, and Rotary Park, a riverfront beach park. The River Regatta is a popular event for the active rowers of Mohave County, packing more than 30,000 people into a boat race along the Colorado River. As with much of Arizona, the outdoors are a focal point in Bullhead City, as it lies at the south end of Lake Mohave.

Health insurance in Mohave County is similar to other areas, with mid-priced plans that are much more affordable than your California neighbors across the border. There are six main companies to choose from, seven counting AARP, and if you stray from one of these major insurers, you’re likely to get less than you’re paying for. Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona offer some well-priced plans for the younger crowd, while more mature residents are also well served by Humana, but also AARP for comprehensive coverage.

To find out where your demographic falls in Bullhead City or any nearby towns, check your own rates and view every health plan available with a risk-free health insurance quote.

Mohave County Health Insurance Quotes

Sample Mohave County Health Insurance Quote

A 30-year-old male resident of Bullhead City in search of a full benefit, personal health plan can find multiple options in the $2,500 deductible range for a decent price. The greatest amount of coverage for the lowest premium, however, comes from Humana at $139 per month. This plan includes copays on office visits with no limit, as well as generic prescriptions at a low cost. While the coverage is fairly basic, it is nonetheless a reliable plan as Humana has a large nationwide network.

For greater quality (according to member ratings and feedback), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona offer a similar plan with a $2,000 deductible and all levels of prescriptions for a copay. The same plan also includes a copay for chiropractic visits in addition to its coverage for primary care doctors and specialists. For $164 per month, this may be a better option, especially for those who prefer to research customer satisfaction when evaluating a company.

UnitedHealthOne’s copay plan is very similar to the Humana One option, therefore making Humana the better deal in comparison. HealthNet is competing with the other carriers in this range with a $167 premium for their $2,500 PPO. This plan has received good reviews, though it requires a $500 prescription deductible for brand name drugs. Emergency room visits are a $300 copay, which no other carrier in Mohave County offers, so that’s a plus for HealthNet.

Additional carriers in Bullhead City may not be the least expensive for this applicant, but they may be great in your demographic, so it is worth looking up your own rates with a quick quote.




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