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In Arizona, where J.D. Power conducted their health insurance customer rating, they talked to a number of residents of Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico, and asked them about their customer satisfaction with these various Arizona Health Insurance companies including Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, SelectHealth, and United Healthcare.


Arizona Health Insurance Company Specifics

The truth is, Blue Cross has a majority of the individual and group health insurance policies in the two states so their sample size is considerably higher, however they are still the king of the market as most people that have these Blue Cross Blue Shield polcies in Arizona give a positive health insurance review.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona scored high in every category. On the other hand Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah scored slightly lower.  The second biggest Arizona health insurance company, United Health Care offers a great priced plan, but has a slight issue with being domiciled in Arizona.  Their health insurance administration software and personnel however are second to none, and there is no company that is easier to deal with for changes to policies and claims issues.  I wish AT&T were that easy!  They don’t have that high of a complaint ratio either, be sure to check our Arizona health insurance complaint page for more information about this.

Aetna promises that this will be their year to shine in the individual health insurance market, as their rates are getting more competitive.  However, they are seriously challenged when it comes to administration and they haven’t even paid us on cases in months due to the drawbacks inherent in their computer systems.  Their web developers need to be fired as of yesterday.  On the other hand, they are very dependable when it comes to claims, and we have never had a policy rescinded by Aetna before in any state, and I would trust my health insurance plan to them any day, provided it was still affordable.

Cigna, who entered the Arizona health insurance market four years ago, have had a slight rate adjustment this year and thus are not really competitive in Arizona anymore, except in a few weird demographics, and guess what?  You might be in that demographic so certainly consider Cigna if the price is right.  Be very careful, however, when shopping their policies because their higher deductible health insurance plans have extremely high coinsurance ceilings which sometimes are not factored in when shopping Arizona health insurance.

HealthNet is very well priced in Arizona, but who knows if they will be offering health insurance policies here next year, so be very careful when choosing their policies. Sometimes it is worth it to pay the extra $10 a month and  just go name brand, so to speak. Still, HealthNet has outstanding emergency room benefits and if you are accident prone they will in fact save you more money and headaches then any other medical plan.


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