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United Health Care – Arizona

United Healthcare owns Golden Rule, which changed its name a few years back to UnitedHealthOne to facilitate the lives of health insurance brokers who kept trying to convince health insurance shoppers that Golden Rule was actually owned by United Healthcare.  The reason? Because UnitedHealthOne, or Golden Rule, as you please, is not the same kind of plan that you get on the group side because of the fact that they are often not domiciled in the states (including Arizona) that they are providing health insurance.

In any case, they offer a great selection of plans in Arizona including the always popular Copay Select plans.  These plans offer probably the best prescription coverage of any health insurance plan, period.  But besides that, they are pretty much like everyone else. These traditional plans offer copays before the deductible on any office visit or prescription.  Remember, even though the office visit is covered with a copay, often times the procedure (unless it is part of a wellness visit) is not.  So, a visit to the dermatologist might result in an unexpected bill. (Humana One and even Blue Cross are like this, as well.)

After your deductible is applied to everything besides office visits and copays, the UnitedHealthOne policy then begins its coinsurance phase where all health services are paid at 70 or 80% until you reach the maximum out of pocket, at which point they cover everything 100% (unless the provider is out of network).

That is why many Arizonians choose the Plan 100 or Plan 80, or even the Health Savings Account 100 or 80 plans (they are the same as the Plan 100 or Plan 80 without the Health Savings Account component).  These plans don’t have any copays at all, but cover everything 100% after the deductible with no coinsurance.  The problem with these plans is that most years, you won’t pass your deductible so you end up paying for 100% of your medical services (excluding wellness visits).  The Plan 80 and HSA 80 plans are the same as well except they have coinsurance after the deductible till $3000, the advantage there is that they are less expensive.

Finally, United Health One also offers its Saver 80 and Copay Saver plans, both of which I strongly suggest you avoid, as the Copay Saver plan is just a waste of money, and the Saver 80 is not a good value when compared with other hospital plans from Aetna and Blue Cross.

All that said, I have the United Health One policy, and have had no issues with it at all, but of course I haven’t had any medical services yet.  At the end of the day, when choosing a health plan, if UnitedHealthcare comes in the most affordable (which they will in several demographics) I certainly suggest strongly that you consider them. For instance, in Phoenix, Arizona the UnitedHealthcare plan is the most affordable for a 34-year-old male.

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