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Health Plans for Families with Children

AHCCCS Medical Assistance for Families with Children

Low-income Arizona families who have children up to age 18 may be eligible for medical insurance coverage through AHCCCS (Arizona Medicaid). If your income and other details fulfill the criteria for enrollment, you may receive insurance for no cost or a small monthly premium. Between AHCCCS and KidsCare, you may be able to insure your child, and also obtain coverage for yourself as a parent or guardian, depending on your income.

Program Requirements

Adults and children may be eligible for coverage through AHCCCS if they are resident of Arizona, a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant, and has a Social Security number, or is willing to apply for one. Even if you do not have documentation of your legal citizenship, you may be able to receive emergency services through AHCCCS, including emergency labor. In order to apply for a Social Security Number, you can visit the U.S. Social Security Administration, then send your application for the Social Security Number in with your AHCCCS application.

Additionally, you may need to cooperate with the Division of Child Support Enforcement, and apply for financial assistance that may be available, including unemployment, pensions, and Social Security. With these requirements in mind, one of the most important considerations for AHCCCS is income, which varies based on your family size and eligibility group.


Income Eligibility

AHCCCS counts how much is earned monthly in a household before taxes and other deductions (gross monthly income) in order to determine eligibility. If a member of the household is working, the state may reduce the total by a certain amount for work expenses and child care. Those who are legally responsible for a child may qualify for AHCCCS even if they are not parents, such as grandparents or other relatives.

Parents/Caretaker Relatives with Dependent Children

Unemployed: 100% FPL

Family of 1: $958 monthly, $11,490 yearly

Family of 2: $1,230 monthly, $15,510 yearly

Family of 3: $1,627 monthly, $19,530 yearly

Family of 4: $1,962 monthly, $23,550 yearly


Employed: 106% FPL

Family of 1: $1,014 monthly, $12,179 yearly

Family of 2: $1,370 monthly, $16,440 yearly

Family of 3: $1,725 monthly, $20,702 yearly

Family of 4: $2,080 monthly, $24,963 yearly


Income limits change every April 1.

Children’s Medicaid eligibility ranges from 100 to 140 percent of FPL. View income limits for children under age 19 through AHCCCS and KidsCare.


Arizona KidsCare

Families with income over the AHCCCS limits may be eligible for KidsCare, although the program is decidedly limited and not widely available. A temporary Children’s Health Insurance Program is open through KidsCare II, which may help some families get their children insured prior to 2014. The main KidsCare program has closed enrollment and may reopen at a later date.

KidsCare Information


Aging Out of DES Foster Care

For children under age 21 who were in Department of Economic Security (DES) Foster Care on their 18th birthday, the child may be eligible for coverage through AHCCCS regardless of their income. This allows children who have been in foster care and have no available coverage through a parent to maintain health insurance and receive necessary medical care.


How to Apply

Fill out an application online through Health-e-Arizona to find out if you qualify and are able to enroll in an AHCCCS health plan. You may need to complete and send a paper application if you are a family with children or a child applying for yourself.




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