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Health Coverage Assistance for Single Adults

AHCCCS For Childless Adults

When Arizona made budget cuts in 2010 due to the economic crisis, the childless adult group was eliminated from AHCCCS. Enrollment was frozen beginning in July 2011, leaving thousands of Arizonans without coverage. However, there is hope for the future in obtaining coverage again. If you are a childless adult, you may be able to get insured under Arizona’s Medicaid expansion efforts in 2014. As the state is in favor of adding adults without children back into the AHCCCS program, you can apply once again beginning January 1, 2014.

While you can still apply for the program, it is not yet accepting any more applicants. Adults without children who were already enrolled in AHCCCS are able to keep their coverage as long as they continue to meet the income guidelines and other requirements. For eligible individuals, the program is free of charge and requires no monthly premiums. The income limits have not yet been established for AHCCCS expansion, though it may be between 100 and 133 percent of FPL. The eligibility requirements below state the former program criteria before closing, which was 100 percent of FPL.


Eligibility Criteria

As with other AHCCCS groups, in order to qualify for coverage you must be a resident of Arizona, a legal resident or United States citizen, and have a Social Security Number. If you do not have a Social Security Number, proof of applying for one is sufficient when applying for AHCCCS. You may submit an application for an SSN through the U.S. Social Security Administration, and send a copy of the form with your AHCCCS application. Seeking other sources of financial assistance may also help increase your eligibility for the program, including unemployment, pensions, and Social Security benefits. In addition to these requirements, it is very important you meet the income limits and your earnings are less than those stated for your group.


Income Requirements

Childless adults, when they were accepted for AHCCCS, were required to have less than or equal to 100 percent of the federal poverty guideline in gross monthly income, or total earnings before taxes and other deductions. Additionally, if a member of the household is employed, they may have some income subtracted for work expenses to make them more eligible. Income limits change on April 1 of every year.


Family Size Gross Monthly Income Limit
Applicant Only $958
Applicant and Spouse $1293


Coverage for Previous DES Foster Care Enrollees

Individuals under age 21 who were in DES Foster Care on their 18th birthday may be eligible for health insurance through AHCCCS no matter how much they earn. If you are applying for coverage and you meet these requirements, you will likely be accepted for free or low-cost coverage.


How to Apply

Although enrollment for adults without children will not begin until 2014, you can apply online or complete a paper application to be considered for the program. All online applicants must use the Health-e-Arizona site, which helps save time and postage costs. Additionally, you can fill out a paper form in English or Spanish and mail it in with any documents you need to include. For assistance with your application, contact AHCCCS.



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