When it comes to the safety and well-being of your family, it’s essential that you’re able to pay for any medical problems that may arise. From the simplest cold to serious accidents and injuries, having health insurance is one monthly bill that you should gladly pay. At East Coast Health Insurance, the leading brokerage for affordable health insurance quotes, our mission is to provide our Arizona customers with the ideal policy for their specific needs and budget.

The truth is, the “Grand Canyon State” is no different from the rest of the nation – many individuals and families are uninsured. In fact, research suggests that in 2008, about 47 million Americans (20% of those 65 or younger) had NO health insurance coverage! The good news? When you want to purchase Arizona health insurance plans, our local agents and customer service representatives will meet with you at your convenience to discuss the best plan for your needs.

East Coast Health Insurance in Arizona

Trust us, you want to have knowledgeable people at your side when deciding on, and purchasing a plan, as you have to decide on multiple factors. The specific plan type you purchase (HMOs, PPOs, POSs, government and contract plans), any pre-existing conditions, marital status, these are vital issues that can determine how much you’ll pay, and what company is best. Although we call South Florida home, East Coast Health Insurance has experienced Arizona licensed agents that are experts in your state’s specific health insurance rules and regulations. We’ll even provide you with sample Arizona health insurance quotes, as well as side-by-side comparisons with other similar policies.


Sample Arizona Health Insurance Quote

Whether you’re uninsured, or just unsatisfied with your current coverage, we’ll provide you with affordable, all-inclusive policies from all major insurance carriers: Aetna, Blue Cross Shield of Arizona, Cigna, Humana One, HealthNet and United Health One. As an example, we ran a quick search on our website’s Arizona health insurance quote database. For a 35-year old, single male Phoenix resident, high-quality PPO plans from both Humana One and United health are available for as low as $63 per month.

Of course, by going with plans like that you are losing certain benefits such as first dollar office visits copays.  Essentially, this means that after your deductible your office visits are covered.  For the sample quote below, we chose the typical health insurance plan that is the most popular in Arizona;  using a 35 year old male, and making sure to keep the out of pocket to around $5000 after a $2500 deductible and coinsurance of $2500.  We also included office visits copayments from the first day of the policy as well as full prescription coverage.

Surprisingly, United Health One is the most affordable health plan in Phoenix, however, that is not necessarily true in every demographic or every zip code.  In fact, the picture can get very different by simply changing the zip code.  Essentially, the best course of health insurance shopping is certainly to run your own quote after determining the health insurance benefits that are most important to you specifically.

To get information personalized to you and ask any questions, contact East Coast Health Insurance to set up a one-on-one phone or internet meeting with our experienced Arizona licensed health insurance agents. Call 888 803 5917, and we’ll go over all of the available plans at your convenience.





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