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Plan First Program


Alabama’s Medicaid program provides members with a variety of services to help prevent or delay pregnancy. Females between the ages of 10 and 55, and males of any age who qualify for Medicaid may receive family planning services. However, a more specific program exists for women between the ages of 19 and 55 in Alabama, Plan First. This program is offered to women who live in Alabama, are legal residents or U.S. citizens, have not had surgery to prevent pregnancy, and meet certain income requirements.


The program covers an annual family planning exam, care support from a social worker, certain types of birth control such as pills and Depo-Provera shots, screenings for STDs and pregnancy, assistance with planning when to have a baby, and outpatient tubal ligation for women age 21 or older.



In order to qualify for Plan First, women between age 19 and 55 who live in Alabama must have an income less than or equal to 133 percent of federal poverty level. Additionally, women eligible for SOBRA coverage are automatically qualified for the program when their Medicaid runs out 60 days after birth.

Those who are not automatically enrolled and wish to apply for family planning services may apply through the Alabama Department of Public Health, the Alabama Medicaid Agency, providers of services to pregnant women and children, or outstationed Medicaid workers.



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