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Every state has a population of low-income individuals who have no money left for health insurance or even medical care. This section is dedicated to helping the needy residents of Alabama get access to the coverage and services they deserve to have, like everyone else. Organized through the state as well as nonprofit organizations, there are outlets for free or low cost health insurance and certain medical services. As even the other side of the recession can seem oppressive, money should not be an excuse to neglect caring for yourself or your family.

Medicaid is the first place to look when you are uninsured and have few funds to spare. In Alabama, the program provides free health insurance and free medical services to families, children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are blind or disabled. Offering various health plans to their members based on their eligibility group, Medicaid is funded fully by state and federal government, and administered through the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

All Kids is the Alabama Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which offers low-income children with a higher income level than Children’s Medicaid the chance to have coverage for very little. With premiums and copayments set based on your household income level, All Kids offers an affordable option for families with children in Alabama to keep their children healthy and insured.

The state and various private organizations provide individuals using Medicaid and CHIP coverage as well as those without insurance with free community health centers located throughout Alabama. Each clinic offers a different set of services and will never turn away any patient for care. While not comparable to an emergency room by any means, a clinic is a source of preventive and primary care, which can be utilized whether you are ill or injured, or simply need an annual exam at no cost.

Refer to this section as Alabama’s key resource for all current information on public health insurance plans, health care centers, and eligibility for coverage. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of our agents at 888 803 5917, or send us an email.