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UnitedHealthOne – Alabama

UnitedHealthOne is underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, who provides the individual and family plans for United Healthcare. UnitedHealthOne offers Alabama residents a great number of products and options to help make insurance plans reasonable and simple.

Providing a selection of PPO plans with a number of options for various budgets and needs, UnitedHealthOne plans are priced well throughout the state.

One of the nation’s largest healthcare entities, United connects its members with a large network within the state of Alabama and surrounding regions, as well as nationwide.

Doctors, lab and X-ray facilities, hospitals, and other medical providers are included in the Alabama and national networks, allowing for greater savings by staying in-network.

UnitedHealthOne plans also feature a deductible credit, which can help you lower your future out-of-pocket costs by issuing a credit against your deductible. If you have not met your annual deductible, your remaining credit rolls over to the following year’s deductible, including a 20 percent savings after the first year.

Especially if you do not require much health care throughout the year, this is an excellent option to include in your plan.



UnitedHealthOne Health Plans in Alabama


Copay Select Plans

Providing a simplified, convenient method of insuring your health, this plan provides upfront benefits for a copayment at the time of visit. As soon as your plan starts, you have access to unlimited doctor’s office visits and Tier 1 prescription medications for a fixed rate. In Alabama, the copay for an office visit with a primary care doctor or specialist is $35. After meeting the annual deductible, hospital and emergency care is offered for either 0, 20, or 30 percent coinsurance.


High Deductible Plans

Plan 100, Plan 80, and Saver 80 are all in the same family of high deductible health plans from United. These offer a low premium for a greater amount of out-of-pocket cost sharing. While you will not receive the low cost per-visit benefits of a copay plan, your monthly costs will be lower, and the plans offer better coverage for major medical services. Preventive care is a free included benefit before having met the deductible, while all other types of care will be covered in full or at 80 percent after deductible.

Health Savings Account Plans

With the lowest premiums of any United plan, HSAs give members the opportunity to get rewards from their medical spending. If you already have a high deductible, why not set to meet it with an account that you can deduct from your income taxes? By using an HSA to save money by the month and on taxes, you can plan your health care dollars accordingly when you or a family member needs care. Coverage is offered at either 70 percent or 100 percent after deductible, providing a more cost effective plan on one hand, or an easier to manage plan on the other.


View the UnitedHealthOne Alabama Brochure for full plan details.


Find A Plan

If you are curious to find out how much a UnitedHealthOne plan will cost you as an individual, or for you and your family, get a quote. You can compare rates and narrow down your selection of any of the available United plans in your Alabama city. Cost will vary in each region, which you can get a heads up on by visiting our city/region section for a bit of background. You will find, however, that UnitedHealthOne is typically the price leader in Alabama and worth a look!

For further assistance and information, call a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.